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Psystyle, another experiment in the history of hardstyle

Since the reverse transition from bass to kick, until the birth of Euphoric and raw, our gender has constantly reinvented itself, adapting to the demands of the scene and introducing fresh sounds constantly looking to keep alive the interest of the ever demanding public.

Influences from other styles

In this quest, there are few producers who have dared to cross the border of hard dance to experiment with other styles of electronics. Dubstep, for example because it has been common for many artists resort, which eventually ended up giving rise to the concept of dubstyle.

Another very popular example is the trapstyle or what would be the mixture between the bass trap and hardstyle kicks. And in that sense, the duo Lny TNZ They are definitely the kings of this style.

These are just two cases of a long list of mixtures and influences that even the hardcore hardstyle have had during its history and therefore not we must take by surprise, nor see negatively the new phenomenon that is gradually taking the industry: fusion between Psytrance and Hardstyle.

Trance psychedelic

To not go into details too deep, the Psychedelic trance or Psytrance in English, is a genre of electronic music originated in the 90's, which descends from Goa Trance and is mainly characterized by sounds himnóticos at high speed, usually accompanied by tribal rhythms.

The holidays are always decorated according to the music to a mystical sense and often performed outdoors in locations far from cities, unlike what is customary in other genres.

For much of its existence it was kept at underground level have a less commercial interest, however in recent years as major labels Spinning Records they have set their eyes on this segment of the public, which led him to popularize exponentially.


You may believe that this idea is very 2016, but the truth is no. And 4 years TheracordsI seal recognized for its innovation, he began experimenting with sounds related to psytrance and hardstyle with Geck-O, Cell Rock y Phrantik as part of the pioneers.

Subsequently some producers of the seal Gearbox, as Rooler bearings and Sacha FAlso added psytrance lines in their rawstyle issues.

However, it was Code Black which largely responsible for popularizing this idea when he made an edit one of his best known tracks: Pandora.

One of the biggest similarities of psytrance and hardstyle is its speed. Much of topics ranging from about 140 to 150 bpm, which is why they quickly gained ground among both fans and producers hardstyle, adding several artists with their own productions.

The duo of Dirty Workz Sub Zero ProjectFor example, he broke it at the beginning of this year with "The Project", which is a required track on almost every set and already has more than 300,000 visits on his YouTube channel.

TNT, Activator, Toneshifterz, Kronos and even our countryman Stormerz your edit to the issue of Zatox Sunlight, are other prominent examples of this movement that increasingly takes more strength.

The future

Many may not like this trend and it may even seem like a kind of "fashion", but regardless of the respectable opinions of each one, it is clear that the Psystyle it is taking the parties globally and clearly appears that 2017 will continue to spread.

Just simply appreciate the euphoric reaction of the public whenever this new sub-genre full tracks, regardless of whether it is in America, Europe or Africa.

In addition, in the short term we expect the addition of more exponents of this style hardstyle, as E-Force, Audiofreq y Atmozfears.

Then we let a playlist from our Soundcloud channel with several tracks of this style, collected by us.

Rodrigo Barría
Content Creator & Community Manager. Valparaíso, Chile.

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