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Marco ';Hammer’; Cabello

CEO/Founder &; Designer
Marco is the creator of Bassmusic focused to share content related to the Hard Dance Music nationally and internationally in Spanish and many of the articles also in English.

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Rodrigo Alejandro

Content Creator &; Community Manager
Joins on January 2016 to create content and interesting items for fans of Hard Dance Music. Also, he is responsible for moderating and maintaining active our social networks.

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Valeria Quijano

Content Creator
Desde México se suma al equipo para crear contenidos relacionados a la escena Hard Dance tanto en su país como del mundo. She is also, editor and content creator at Thump Mexico.

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Sebastian Riffo

Community Manager
Community manager at Bassmusic since January 2016, which is responsible for content sharing and at the same time to moderate our fanpage.

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Daniela Tapia del Rio

Content editor
Daniela is our editor's content and articles in Bassmusic, It is the professional spell-checker to allow us a better reading and writing of the information we share.

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