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Q-Dance Announces X-Qlusive Frequencerz

The talented duo of rawstyle Frequencerz has just been announced as the next to have their own X-Qlusive. A & hellip;

Ran-D will have its own & hellip;

Makes only minutes Q-dance surprised to the world of the hard dance with the news of that Randy Wieland, best known & hellip;

Unforgettable night at X-Qlusive & hellip;

Without words! One of the best experiences we have had in our country where a more public & hellip;

Gunz for Hire will arrive & hellip;

Q-Dance announced that gangsters will be complete show her No Mercy for X-Qlusive tour next weekend. Although & hellip;

X-Qlusive Wildstylez &; Villain & hellip;

X-Qlusive Wildstylez &; Villain is the event that Q-Dance will bring to Chile for Andes Arena the night of the 23 of & hellip;

X-Qlusive Legends-; Review & hellip;

Last night, many fans of the hard dance throughout the world could enjoy Q-Dance Radio transmission in & hellip;
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X-Qlusive Brennan Heart Broadcasting

A few weeks ago, I commented that Saturday 25 of January, It would take place in the Netherlands & hellip;
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X-Qlusive Brennan Heart-;& hellip;

Minutes ago Brennan Heart special programme was carried out for his next role in the X-Qlusive & hellip;
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X-Qlusive Brennan Heart

In December, Q-dance announced for the 25 of January 2014 A new edition of the event X-Qlusive. In this opportunity, be & hellip;
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