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What is Bassmusic?

It is a means of Digital communication dedicated to the creation of content and dissemination of electronic music especially focused on the gender Hard Dance Music (Hardstyle/hardcore mainly).

The project, It was created due to the lack of a dedicated to this musical genre Hard Dance digital media, for that reason, official begins in January of the 2014.

Currently, we are Media Partner de Street Machine and Global, the two main producers of Electronica Hard Dance in Chile events.

Chile and the World

We have emphasized not only in Chile if not in the world since we have done a couple of interviews with artists as also through our so-called content generation";Reviews"; that it correspond to the summary or overview of events, discs, noticias, etc.

What moves us?

Our unique support, It is the public and fans of the hard dance who drive us to continue working on always give them the best information and the right way being responsible for what you mentioned to avoid the false news, rumors, among others that only generate buzz.

Unsourced, there is no news

We believe that you as the Middle diffuser, "the best way to do it is from";The source"; the information which, We did not take foreign content if not rather, Add credits or share from the same source since we know that it is important to know the statistics of publications by the creator rather than us as a means.

We want to continue projecting in the short and medium term by which we already you have in mind many ideas which we will be realized step by step to reach the next level most professional possible. That, us highlights and unlike any other means.

Milestones 2014

4 of January 2014 –; Bassmusic Foundation.

Milestones 2015

21 January-; Media Partner events Street Machine.
24 may-; 3000 followers on Facebook (see).
22 June-; The announcement Defqon.1 Chile from Holland printed (see).
17 August-; 100 written articles (see).
23 October-; 4000 followers on facebook.
8 September-; We make our own merchandise (see).
21 December-; 5000 fans on Facebook (see).
21 December-; First video interview (see).

Milestones 2016

4 January-; 2do anniversary Bassmusic.
5 January-; New integration team Bassmusic.
11 February-; 6000 followers on Facebook (see).
7 March-; We translate the documentary of the 10 years Noisecontrollers documentary (see).
13 April-; We translate the documentary's Warface-; Asension.
28 April-; The best middle of the HDA national broadcasting award winners (see)(see).
3 may-; Official media Partner of Headhunterz in Chile (see).
5 may-; We were able to overcome the 8000 fans on Facebook.
7 may-; Official media Partner of Noisecontrollers &; Atmozfears (see).
22 may-; We were with Headhunterz and give him the bracelet of Bassmusic (see).
23 may-; Contest t-shirts The Chainsmokers courtesy of Sony Music (see).
22 June-; Major milestone, 10000 followers on Facebook (see).
10 July-; We achieve the 12000 followers on Facebook (see).

Milestones 2017

We overcome the 22000 our fan page facebook followers and 3000 in our account of instagram.

We have developed a cooperation alliance with Street Machine and Global, What has allowed us to interact with leading international producers that we recognize and appreciate our work, such as Headhunterz, Coone, Gunz for Hire, Ran-D, Adaro, Frequencerz and Deetox, among many others.

23 June-; Press Conference after return of Headhunterz (see).
12 August-; Interview with BMBSQD at Dance Valley.
27 September-; Interview with Deetox in Chile.
8 October-; Official media partner Wondergates.
14 October-; We achieve the 40.000 followers on Facebook.
17 October-; We subtitle Scantraxx documentary 15 years in Spanish.

Milestones 2018

01 January-; We arrived at the 45.000 thousand followers on facebook.
04 January-; We comply 4 years of life!.
06 February-; We interviewed Malua in Chile (see).
27 February-; We inaugurate the section of the track of the day, week, month and year.
02 March-; We are a Media Partner of Wondergates presents The Origin.
21 March-; Bassmusic becomes INAPI registered trademark.
13 may-; Colaboramos en el acto La Casa de Papel de Blame Noise en Wondergates.
13 may-; llegamos a 48.000 likes y 60.000 followers on facebook.
22 may-; 4000 mil seguidores en Youtube.



Marco ';Hammer’; Cabello

CEO/Founder &; Designer
Marco is the creator of Bassmusic focused to share content related to the Hard Dance Music nationally and internationally in Spanish and many of the articles also in English.

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Rodrigo Alejandro

Content Creator &; Community Manager
Joins on January 2016 to create content and interesting items for fans of Hard Dance Music. Also, he is responsible for moderating and maintaining active our social networks.

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Valeria Quijano

Content Creator
Desde México se suma al equipo para crear contenidos relacionados a la escena Hard Dance tanto en su país como del mundo. She is also, editor and content creator at Thump Mexico.

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Sebastian Riffo

Community Manager
Community manager at Bassmusic since January 2016, which is responsible for content sharing and at the same time to moderate our fanpage.

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Daniela Tapia del Rio

Content editor
Daniela is our editor's content and articles in Bassmusic, It is the professional spell-checker to allow us a better reading and writing of the information we share.

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