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One more year without Defqon.1 in Holland

A sad news that has just been known is that despite the enthusiasm and improvements in sanitary measures in the Netherlands, Q-dance has once again been forced to postpone its Primal Energy edition to 2022 because it is not yet allowed to perform Massive events.

With much pain, Q-Dance has had to cancel its 2020 and 2021 edition despite the advances that are being made in health prevention measures throughout the country.

«We will return bigger, heavier and more powerful»

Despite the bad news, spirits remain positive with the idea of ​​holding a larger edition for 2022 where the production company adds that "It's just a matter of time", making it known that it only remains to wait and get the idea of ​​this to see us next year in person.

Will there be livestream?

Most likely, yes, and despite not having been confirmed yet, it is most likely that Q-Dance wants to do its online edition again in order to connect with fans, deliver music and somehow achieve voluntary income or through tickets to be able to solve all these months without holding events and without income for the team.

We will have to wait for an official confirmation but we are sure that they will surprise us again as long as there are no face-to-face festivals.

Marco Hammer
CEO, Founder & Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.

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