Surprised Headhunterz commented on new Stormerz track

Yesterday, Headhunterz performed a live on his Twitch channel where almost 8 thousand people were connected where the artist would analyze tracks that other emerging and professional producers sent him in order to receive constructive criticism to improve his work.

Among the demos sent, there was that of our compatriot Stormerz who sent a recent work called "Lightning into the fire" which Headhunterz indicates at the beginning of the analysis that he had not heard it previously.

One of the best Stormerz tracks we are going to listen to this year without a doubt.

While Heady listened to the song, we saw him taking the rhythm of the music and in the lead, we see him a surprised and happy smile with what he was hearing from Stormerz until the end of the track when he was surprised because it had an outro.

This is very good man. Fabian I think it's your name. Very good work. I really loved it, I loved the vocalist Where did you get it? .

I know Stormerz songs and their songs are really atmospheric they sound with a lot of details even here on the first beat.

Headhunterz comments on his first impression.

He highlighted the use of battery in the intro of the track of how it gives life in a different way and does not empty how hardstyle tracks usually are, says Headhunterz.

I really love the melody, it's so good. I think just the lead, the melody is so good I would expect an epic epic lead. Something that gives more strength, I think I know what it needs to enhance.

Headhunterz comments while listening to the track a second time.

Finally Headhunterz dedicates to making that improvement that he has in mind and that enhances the melody explaining to Stormerz (who was very grateful for the comments and improvements) live while many other artists and people commented on the wonderfulness of the track. Congratulations Stormerz and improving the track to perfection to make it a real bomb!

Relive this moment on the Headhunterz channel on Twitch at 1:50:00.

Marco Hammer
CEO, Founder & Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.

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