In June we could have a less restricted life

We are already close to completing a year of pandemic since the first case was presented in our country in mid-March 2020, achieving a figure of almost 19,000 thousand deaths, 751,886 total cases, 710,029 recovered and 22,493 active cases, finally they are just being applied the first vaccines to the population.

These vaccines are intended for all the elderly and the most vulnerable as well as medical personnel called "first line" against the Coronavirus with the intention of continuing to fight the virus and reduce the death rate from it.

In an interview with T13 (Read more), the Minister of Health Enrique Paris, pointed out that “the so-called Herd immunity could happen in Chile only at the end of June, the date on which the Government expects to have 80% of the population vaccinated. "

Chile has vaccinated 597,735 people nationwide.

“We are going to see a drop in hospitalizations with 30% of the population vaccinated. That does not mean that the pandemic is over, we can only be confident when we have vaccinated 80% of the population "emphasizing that"only then can we have a life less restricted by the virus”.

What about events, festivals and the world of entertainment?

With this information provided by the Minister of Health, we hope that from June onwards the situation will improve, especially to reactivate the entertainment, culture and arts industry that has been greatly affected, without even being able to work partially.

With at least 80% of the population vaccinated, bars and discotheques, clubs and the like could work again, but we do not know if the festivals will be authorized to reactivate. The closest of the moment is Creamfields, which is dated in November and if all things happen in a good way, we could attend. Even so, the outlook is still complex but little by little, we hope the situation will change for the better.

Marco Hammer
CEO, Founder & Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.

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