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Spoontech launches album celebrating its 10 years

The renowned label of the spoon released a few days ago its album "Decade of Spoontech" in which it brings together the best and iconic tracks of its trajectory in these 10 years.

It is an exclusive and unique album in a metal box (Steel book) that contains two CDs. 11 tracks on CD1 and 20 on CD2 that add up to 31 tracks that summarize the trajectory of Spoontech in these 10 years from its beginnings to the present.

Among the artists that are present in this album we can mention Hardstyle Mafia, Warface, Vazard, Delete, Hatom, Main concern, D-verze, Shockrage, Infirium and many others who have been part of the label and others who are still loyal. to the famous rude seal of the spoon.

It should be noted that the album is a true jewel since its box, unlike other albums, is metallic in relief, which gives it great romantic value to celebrate the 10 years of Spoontech Records in a musical summary. In addition, on the web, different packs of fans stand out from buying only the album to the most expensive one that includes a hoodie, shirt, flag, bracelet and necklace.

Buy album and merchandise

The album and merchandise can be purchased through its official website.

10 Años de Spoontech en We Wanna Rock at Home

We had a great privilege and honor. It is about the participation of 3 representatives of the label who dedicated themselves to giving us a 1-hour set with great raw hardstyle tracks in our online event We Wanna Rock at Home, which was a complete success!

D-Verze, Shockrage and Infirium did their thing on this set having fun and giving us what they love the most and so do we, which is their particular rough style that makes you want to repeat it over and over again.

About Spoontech Records

They have stood out in the hardstyle scene for their rudeness, for exploring new horizons and breaking the patterns of music by redefining the raw hardstyle underground. The founding fathers of this outstanding label are Vazard and Delete who created Spoontech in 2010 under the concept of a new and unique sound unlike any other.

Today, Spoontech Records is focused on delivering versatility and different sounds for the new generations of hardstyle enthusiasts, expanding and increasing their recognition and legacy at the biggest events.

We congratulate Spoontech for this great work on a unique album for label lovers and those music collectors as this will be a piece that cannot be missed.

Marco Hammer
CEO, Founder & Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.

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