Jebroer: We talk about your story and your latest hit!

Hello Jebroer! Nice to have a chat to know more about you and your music career that is growing so much! Your last collaboration “Child of The Devil” together with Timmy Trumpet and Dr. Phunk is breaking boundaries reaching hundreds of millions of streams! Tell us Where does the idea come from to do this huge collaboration? How has it been being received?

Your brother: Hey guys Whatsuuuuuuuuuuuup ? Nice to meet you. For the viewers that don’t know me. Go to YouTube now and type “Jebroer” then come back and read this interview! Or read this interview and then go to YouTube and read this again. Haha, let’s go!

I just released the collaboration with Timmy & Phunk and we are on the cover of the “Main Stage” playlist on Spotify and took the #1 spot. Crazy! This collab is a remake of a big hit of mine in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland & Austria. Timmy was playing my song “Kind van de Duivel” in his sets across many festivals worldwide, then social media exploded every time and we were talking in our DMs about making music together. I came up with the idea of bringing out the song in English, then Timmy added his trumpet and DrPhunk worked on some new drums etc. The rest is history! The “Child of the Devil” was born, it’s the first English single of my trilogy album called “ZesSechsSix”; thats 666 in three languages. I already released six tracks in Dutch, six tracks in German and now we’re releasing six tracks in English. Together these are going to be one album and the release is planned for the first months of 2021. CAN’T WAIT TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

“Kind van de Duivel” is the Dutch version you released in 2017 produced by the legend Paul Elstak and also Dr. Phunk. Why create this English version and now with Timmy Trumpet? We heard that this version cause some trouble because of the lyrics' content of “changing personality with the Christian religious and conservative groups”, is this correct?

Your brother: Because, why not? I already recorded “Child of the Devil” a year ago but I was waiting for the right moment to drop it. This is the moment. The first release in English from Jebroer with the biggest hit I already have. Perfect.

I got in problems with the Christian community in different countries because they think I wanted people to believe in the Devil. I even got banned from some festivals. I was headlining in the news because children where singing the song in school and parents that told their children that they where children of god came home and sang “I am a child of the Devil”. Priests came together and sent a letter to the government to prohibit the song, haha! It only got bigger and bigger and every time they asked me if the song was against Christians, I told them “NO”! This song is about ME. I am a child of the devil. I’m a rebel in my heart. I really want to listen to the angels on my shoulder but I got in a lot of trouble with listening to the devil on my other shoulder. And when I die, celebrate my life. I’m a troubled child but it made me what I am today and I’m proud of me, I came a long way and always tell people that you first have to believe in yourself, before you can explore what religion connects the best with you as a person. I came where I am with believing in myself, even when people told me I was shit. Fuck ‘em!

We know that you started your career as MC from Hip hop, but why to start switching to Dance music or even Hardstyle over the years?

Your brother: I wasn’t really feeling the boombap sound of hip hop so I found myself a producer who was more into the electronic styles hip hop named Boaz van de Beatz. He’s now working with big names like Diplo, Nicky Minaj, Sean Paul and many more. We started combining different genres in 1 song, so when you have a song with 150 BMP we made a trap song with a Hardstyle drop. Or a house song with a dubstep outro, it’s just about having fun with no boundaries. Fuck genres, like LNY TNZ would say :). I ended up into Hardstyle because I got introduced to a new world thanks to Paul Elstak. He made some remixes of my songs and took me on stage at some big festivals, one day I was standing for 30,000 people that gave me the energy I was missing in the hip hop scene. I took that energy back to the studio and worked on my own style for the last year. Come to my show and I will show you what I’m talking about. Moshpits, circles, stage dives and madness. Every DJ I know hates it to be in the line up after me – just ask them, haha 😉

About Dance Music and Hardstyle. You have so many awesome hits that are very well known in South America as well like Paranoia, Engeltje, and a very well known Banaan! Really famous and now we have the honor to talk to you about another hit! What is your secret to creating these catchy sounds and lyrics? Is there something that you can share with us like what inspired you to create a track like we previously mentioned?

Your brother: Pffffff sometimes when I see all these videos worldwide on Instagram etc, I get goosebumps. I really, really, really want to show the world what I can do onstage. I see all these people go crazy when other di’s play my songs like WTF. That’s a dream coming true, that’s the reason I want to go international right now. I’ve got no secrets. I just love what I do and you can hear that in every song. I’m not a dj, I’m not a MC, but I am bringing you a show you’ve never seen before and when I go into the studio I’m already thinking about what a song can do onstage. Madness!

You have several collaborations with artists like Dirtcaps, Warface, Brennan Heart, Dr. Phunk, and many many more. But we wanna talk about the collaborations with Paul Elstak and the iconic Scooter!. What does it mean to collaborate with both? For us they are legends!

Your brother:With Paul, I became friends for a year before we made music. It maybe crazy but when I met him I didn’t know who he was and he wanted to take a picture with me, there was an aura around him that he was somebody I should now so I asked my girlfriend and she told me “Fool that’s Paul Elstak!”, haha. We just kept in touch and had fun with both of our families, he’s a really good dude. The first track we made was “Kind van the Duivel”.

Scooter (HP Baxxter) send me a remake of my song “Me gabber” and connected me to release it. I didn’t like the demo and told them that if they would do a remix / remake I wanted to be on the song and work on it in the studio together. I took the plane (after a show and still drunk, I’ll add!) and we met each other in the studio in Germany. I brought the original producers Rat ’N Frikk with me and we did the song together. After that, I took the plane back and we planned the video shoot that I set up - I can remember that team Scooter missed the plane for the shoot and they jumped in the private jet and we shot the performance shots in Amsterdam and the rest of the video we shot in Tokyo. I love the results, go check it out!

Which Hardstyle artists (or other genres) you would like to do a collaboration with?

Your brother: Got a crazy track with Yellow claw ready to release that is a beautiful mix between my style and the original Yellow claw sound. This is a monster. Pffffffffff! We made some Dutch hits before, lets go worldwide now!

Talking about Gabber, your music has influences from this style too. Is the gabber culture something important in your career? What does it mean for you?

Your brother: It’s a beautiful culture in Holland, I love it.

This year has been so bad around the globe because of the pandemic and lockdowns. How did you still get so creative to keep creating music during hard times?

Your brother: Just stick to the plan. Look for new opportunities and go 100% - when we get through this, people will be ready to go harder than before. Now we know the worth of being together and share the same love, I miss the connection with the fans, the energy onstage, being on the road and doing what I love the most. Let's pray for 2021. Don’t lose hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

What are you expecting in your musical career for 2021? Do you have any dream to fulfill? Let us know about your goals!

Your brother: I’m releasing “Six” in the beginning of 2021. Got some crazy collaborations on it. I want to be on the biggest stages of the world to show the world a new kind of show. There is nothing like a Jebroer show. Believe me and ask anybody who ever been to party!

Last but not least, everyone has a favorite quote for life. Which one is yours? We want to thank you for the opportunity to do this interview with you, to know more about your career, your inspirations, thank you!

Your brother: Thank you too! I want to tell everybody to be strong and keep following your dreams. No matter what. Let nobody tell you, You can’t do it. You can. Trust the process. Love !

Marco Hammer
CEO, Founder & Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.

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