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Dutch Government gives green light to pilot events for January 2021

The music industry has been one of the most affected worldwide after the pandemic and today it is in complete agony, especially in markets where there are countless festivals and massive events such as on the European continent.

The music industry was already raising its voice in the middle of the year with the The Sound of Silence campaign, launched from Belgium and expanded worldwide, where technicians and people working in the festival and event industry all over the world made artistic demonstrations together with the marry your teams with messages alluding to their demands for help, since governments have been very absent from the culture of music and the arts in general.

Show must go on!

However, in the Netherlands, that could be a bitter pill of the past as the Dutch government announced the green light for mass pilot events. What does this mean? In the background, they will be festivals and concerts where a high health contingency will act to prevent infections and that all its attendees are completely healthy to avoid a massive contagion that could be catastrophic.

The Dutch Government has approved several pilot shows for January 2021 to determine how events with a large capacity of visitors can attend safely and responsibly during the pandemic.

According to what the British medium IQ Magazine says, the test to carry out these events is called "Back to Live" which will include a concert and a dance event as well as two outdoor festivals organized by Mojo and ID&T (Read source).

Defqon.1 is part of the pilot events

The great news for hard dancers is that Defqon.1 is the outdoor festival run by ID&T that will take place. It is worth mentioning that Q-Dance is part of the ID&T holding, therefore it is a great step to have faith that a new edition will be held in 2021 considering all the pertinent measures to avoid contagion and massive outbreaks.

To attend these pilot events, attendees will have to take their Covid19 test (here PCR) and test negative 24 hours before the event along with taking body temperature, rapid test and alcohol gel constantly. The funny thing is that there is no mention of masks and that these are useless if the attendees are completely healthy.

So now you know, if you are thinking of traveling to Defqon.1, the idea of ​​doing it with all the health measures to prevent massive contagion is currently in process. Hopefully so and that the music industry and culture around the world, will go live again.

Marco Hammer
CEO, Founder & Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.

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