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Radical Redemption album a bestseller

Radical Redemption made an important announcement more than a month ago and that corresponds to their new sixth album called "The Chronicles of Chaos". An album that has 18 tracks mostly as a solo artist and a couple of important collaborations with artists like Crypsis, Nolz and Atilax.

A production machine

Radical Redemption declared that this pandemic has benefited the creativity of producing calmly and at the same time without limitations. It should be noted that year after year artists are pressured by festivals and creating new projects, whether albums or songs, is a challenge to achieve more bookings, but this year was different for everyone in the world and some like Radical have known take advantage.

Successful physical sale

The album took a couple of weeks to fully sell, becoming a resounding success for the artist who is very happy with the support that his fans continue to show. More now when buying his music where the artist obtains economic income in the absence of festivals in Europe.

Currently the album is also available on Spotify and on our December playlist. «The best of Hardstyle Diciembre».

«The Chronicles of Chaos» showcase

If you want to review the exclusive premiere that Radical Redemption made in October, you can play the video that we leave you below where he showed us his full album along with the animation of Nolz.

What did you think of the new album?

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