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Today is Qlimax and this is what you should know

The day has come! Finally, today the Qlimax transmission will take place, which has already been announced that it is not a Livestream, it is not an event but a new immersive experience in which we will be immersed in the mystique and darkness under the seal and essence of the event.



The event will begin at noon in Chile and from that moment everything will be magical until its end at 8:30 p.m. and will be broadcast exclusively on

The trip to the unexpected will begin with The Legacy which will surely be a passage to explain what Qlimax has been in its history and that it would be hosted by E-Life to later give way to the countdown that will be a 15-minute show.

Later, The Ritual, which will take us even further into this mysterious and dark world called Qlimax where we will finally reach The Source, which is the slogan of this edition.

The Source as such gives us the feeling of being simply the origin of everything and this is when the most powerful shows can be seen in terms of audiovisual by Q-Dance so it will be the moment that yes or yes, you should not lose for the world.

Finally, The Afterparty that we imagine will be similar to what it was in Defqon.1 with a Zoom Room where there will be guest DJs playing live and also people will be able to interact through Zoom

Ticket value

The event is not free. And we cannot imagine the investment and work behind that is in this special edition of Qlimax. That is why the event is paid to view exclusively through the Q-Dance website, so we recommend you register your account and acquire the pass that is very cheap, € 9.95 (something like $ 9,200 Chilean pesos) .

You can buy your ticket here which will give you access to the full show from start to finish:

Line Up

Q-Dance confirmed a little over a week ago the artists that will be performing in a special way for this show and that they correspond to the following:

You already know everything! The rest, live it yourself together with the special broadcast.

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