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Q-dance prepares a unique audiovisual experience for Qlimax 2020

In the last 2 years, Q-dance decided to deliver part of its festivals online for all those fans who, for many reasons, could not attend physically. However, between the end of 2019 and this 2020 due to the pandemic, Q-dance immersed itself deeply in digital content with Defqon.1, Dominator and later Mysteryland to give all its fans a unique experience to stay connected with their audience.

As the public's response was immediate and concurrent, the plans began of what to do for the rest of the festivals that they maintain since they are increasingly unable to carry out a physical event due to the restrictions established by the Dutch government and Qlimax, it will be the festival that will make Q-dance exceed its own level already demonstrated with the broadcast of Defqon.1 2020.

Qlimax: The Source

This is the name of this year's edition of Qlímax to be held on November 28, something similar to what was the anthem of Noisecontrollers called "The Source Code of Creation" (The source code of creation) but this time, focused on "The Source".

It is not an event, it is not a livestream but it is an audiovisual journey.


Qlimax The Source immerses you in a mystical world of the world of Qlimax through an online audiovisual experience that will transform your home into a temple of hardstyle.

This experience begins with The Ritual, The Source and later the afterparty which includes the label that defines the leading indoor event in hardstyle worldwide. Q-dance points out there will be a combination of hardstyle performances, new songs, and stunning visuals that will make for unique cinematics.

Will it be a free broadcast?

We would love to, but no, all this great work has its price but there is no need to panic! The truth is that it is quite economical considering all the production that they promise, and all the work that will be behind this audiovisual experience.

The value of the ticket is € 9.95 which is equivalent to $ 9,000 Chilean pesos and fraction. We will buy it without a doubt!

If you want, the pre-sale will be available from October 31 at 09:00 a.m. through the Q-dance page

What can be said about the line up?

The Source: It will have 6 chapters that will tell a story that will welcome you to this journey through sound in different ways with an ancient power where we will discover reality and rituals, each one having its own soundtrack created by 7 legendary priests of Qlimax , which can clearly be translated to 7 artists who have passed through this indoor event.

About the Afterparty

Qlimax will conclude with an Afterparty in which the priest in charge will guard you once more to enjoy a performance of the Qlimax symphony: 3 hours of a psychedelic experience party that will connect all your senses.

"The identity of the priest will be kept secret until it is revealed later"

Could it be that we will have Rufian? Or will they keep Villain as master of ceremony? We will leave it pending until Qlimax reveals it.

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Marco Hammer
CEO, Founder & Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.

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