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Unexpected end in the versus of Headhunterz and Da Tweekaz

If you missed the tasty and entertaining battle between Da Tweekaz and Headhunterz last weekend, you can read more details here in our note right here And since every story has an ending, this is no exception.

What seemed to be a fight of endless memes and the division of the fans from one side to the other, ended with an ending that we really did not expect causing a lot of laughter among the followers of both artists.

Headhunterz will be on the Tweeka TV livestream this weekend

What seemed to be the definitive end of this humor that at the time took a more serious tone, would be reflected with the creativity of Da Tweekaz who interpreted Dragonborn part3 acapella in a funny and sarcastic video in which even Headhunterz congratulated and gave the winners to the ducks.

Finally Da Tweekaz managed to re-upload his Saturday livestream to Youtube and with it, peace came between both artists where the unexpected ending corresponds to Da Tweekaz doing a livestream this weekend October 18 with Headhunterz as his main guest. Something that many already classify as a great marketing strategy that went from a complicated event, go through a shower of memes and culminate with the union of both artists in an online show.

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