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Da Tweekaz vs. Headhunterz battle goes viral this weekend

This weekend Da Tweeka held a great online event called Tweeka TV Marathon in which they broadcast 12 hours of event with great guests from the hardstyle and even hardcore scene.

More than 4000 people were watching the official broadcast of this online event live but without a doubt, the most commented has been the battle of memes between Da Tweekaz and Headhunterz since one of their guests, Sound Rush, played the song Dragonborn part 3 and Da Tweekaz jokingly and truthfully, they said:

Kenth DT (reading chat): Guys can you please play Dragoborn part.3. Stop asking for Dreagonborn!
Marcus DT: Sorry, there are no dragon hearts here.
Kenth DT: Maybe on his set alone, but not on our set.
Marcus DT: Are they going to touch dragon's heart? (They ask Sound Rush puzzled with laughter)

Minutes later…

Kenth DT: Are you really going to touch on that topic? Marcus They're going to play Dragonborn!
Sound Rush: It is a very good subject (they say between laughter).
Marcus DT: Wait, we try to keep this Stream very clean and you guys touch this garbage! No, no rubbish, sorry! It's a really good song but I didn't want it to sound haha.

After Sound Rush played part of the track, Marcus stops the song and the transmission falls by Copyright of the song by Headhunterz Dragonborn part3 and with it, Da Tweekaz uploads an image indicating that in 12hrs of transmission, the only song that has a red alert is the Headhunterz.

On instagram, Headhunterz responds by indicating "Karma is a bitch", hinting that they made fun of my topic, now face the consequences meaning that Da Tweekaz still cannot upload yesterday's transmission to Youtube due to the copyright conflict that it generated the touching of the subject by Sound Rush, who are in the middle of everything without knowing what to do with laughter and regretting what happened.

Headhunterz: Guys, to clarify, I have nothing against Da Tweekaz, nothing. I mean I really respect what they do. Only in the tone of voice that they said yesterday on the stream ... it was not an attack or anything but it caught my attention, but I died of laughter when my track blocked their transmission and I really did not do it, but Right now I also don't feel the need to take that copyright lock so, sorry to you guys.

The responses of other artists were immediate and among them Warface, Coone and Headhunterz himself jokes about what happened.

Da Tweekaz clarifies that they always make jokes of their guests and of all the artists that there are no feelings of hatred for anyone, quite the contrary but apparently this was not well understood by both sides and that is why the wave of memes is has taken the instagram of both artists.

We share some memes that caused us a lot of laughter within this controversy that has finally been taken on both sides with a lot of smoke although it sounds sarcastic at times.

Marco Hammer
CEO, Founder & Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.

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