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Tha Playah y Angerfist en el #1 de Masters of Hardcore 2019

a new year-end and the hard dance big brands begin to take account of the best-selling approaches, most heard and most popular of the period to be.

And in the case of hardcore, we have a winner or in this case, two ganadoes. This is the theme of "The Heartless" Tha Playah and Angerfist, which ranked as the most popular track of Masters of Hardcore. Follow "Reset" Mad Dog and "Impact" Angerfist again with Miss K8.

Thus the top # 10 I was made as follows:

  1. Tha Playah & Angerfist – The Heartless
  2. Dj Mad Dog – Reset
  3. Angerfist & Miss K8 – Impact
  4. Act of Rage & Never Surrender - Kicks Of Steel
  5. Broken Minds & AniMe – Absolute Power
  6. Dither & Deadly Guns – Playing With Fire
  7. The Prophet – Wanna Play?
  8. Angerfist – Solid Stigma
  9. Angerfist – Diabolic Dice (Official Anthem)
  10. DJ Mad Dog & AniMe – Come Get Some

You can hear the full top # 100 Masters of Hardcore in our Spotify playlist:

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