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Hasta siempre MC Tryp!

Today in the morning we heard the sad news that Jhoel Olivares, better known as MC Tryp has left our land.

After a long battle with cancer, our friend Jhoel -recognized MC hard- scene died and now we have the great memory of him in sharing our stages with artists such as Delete, Ran-D, Adaro, Coone, Sephyx among many others.

In bass music, we met when we were part of Kick & Bass where he from La Serena, came and presented on several occasions delivering energy to the people, and over time, was part of larger events becoming animator international artists.

A sad message we received during the morning and quickly spread among harders where each expressed his sadness to see him go. A long struggle where players and famous as his idol Kramer, gave message of support and strength to fight their disease. Two weeks ago, he was awarded at the institution where he studied Tourism (Inacap) at the International Tourism Day with Pangal Andrade.

A friend with many dreams, eager to live, with an incredibly adventurous soul where each of the cards, we speak that came into the world, and we enjoyed it contagiaste your joy with your jokes and smile.

Thank you for your example of Jhoel fighter, for your charisma, your energy, for all the love you gave and example you are for many of us.

Hasta pronto Mayoman.
God rest his friend.

Bass music equipment.

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Marco Hammer
CEO, Founder & Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.

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