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Chile raised his voice !!!

The current crisis in Chile, is clearly due to the great abuses of the rich over the people, humble people. Every time life is more expensive for the people, we increased the price of Metro, main transport in the capital and was the straw that broke the camel.

Why Chile is in crisis?

For this reason people took to the streets to express their discomfort against rising electricity by 20%, abuse and negotiated AFP, seeing as our grandparents receive a meager pension and must continue to work after retirement, privatization of rivers, lakes, glaciers, thermal, hydroelectric, illegal logging in Chiloé and in many parts of the south, air pollution and water commune Puchuncaví, poor health care, poor quality of life Chileans for low wages and high product costs, lease, etc, all this (and more), so the Chilean people struggle today and the knowledge of the world!

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They're killing people!

Military took to the streets, the government suppressed the demonstrations with hundreds of teargas, golpisas, unfair detentions and abuses that have resulted in the death of people.

We are against violence

We are against the destruction of the city, against looting and against crime but also against the act carabiner Private (since ceased to be de Chile), PDI and Military.

The media do not show what actually happens in remote places, only in places where there is more mass of protesters, but there are many injustices that are happening like hitting a child of no more than 10 years.

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Take care!

We know that many who follow us are speaking out but beware because unfortunately the police beyond safeguarding security is the excuse not to continue attacking where it hurts the mighty, ie in the pocket and their property.

No arms have to go down that if we go down, go back to what we experienced 30 years ago and today networks allow us to organize ourselves better and to be truly informed of what is happening.

It was decreed Today Sunday, curfew 19hrs until 06hrs of Monday.

We are not a great medium, but if something we can do to spread what is happening in our country, we will, above all what the media do not show. We will be updating our instagram not intend to populism, if not to show our fans around the world, the injustices of our country. LET'S CHILEAN! STATES MORE THAN EVER!

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