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Alucinante line-up de Qlimax 2019

So disappointing that resulted in many respects in its latest edition, a very strong competition which meant the latest editions of Reverze and last HARDBASS and joined the sad demise of the voice of the event, Chris Corley, Q-Dance knows this year one way or another should take all the fuel to the grill to get people back to believing in Qlimax.

For this reason, it was very obvious that the orange giant electronic music would not risk to leave loose ends, especially in the poster artists. And then, today, and they were announced the names responsible for giving life to the symphony of shadows. Here are some details that you can not stop spending.

Without risking: go for the experience and not by youth

And it's something that draws much attention for what it was the previous edition. Of the 11 names given, 8 names are indisputably his career, heavyweights of the genre. It is very clear that Q-Dance does not want to risk the same way as it did the previous year by exposing somehow to the new faces of the scene in central acts and will draw on the experience that can give you Headhunterz, D-Block & S-Te-Fan, Ran-D, Miss K8 y B-Front. In fact, if you count last year's participation of Sound Rush, only rejecta and D-Sturb are called to be "newbies" event, although everyone knows well that "newbies" have little.

KELTEK: Math, son!

And is that the mathematics seem to never fail, even to create a line-up. From the 2014, an artist who makes the anthem of Reverze has more than 65% likely to be at Qlimax. But the real question to be the first artist of the evening will if you play a whole set like KELTEK or return in the time and play songs when it belonged to Psyko Punkz. This is something that just you know that night and you might break a tradition that started from the Audiofreq 2014 and Technoboy.

Radical Redemption: until finally!

The dream He longed for the scene becomes reality. After almost 6 years of waiting, several albums and own full to bursting events around the world, Radical You will have a unique opportunity to show who is really in one of the last great scenes missing conquer.

B-Front: the great chosen to create the anthem

And if there is another popular clamor since 2012 is that B-Front Make Qlimax anthem. And that It is because his style has demonstrated in his two appearances solo (2012 and 2016) that has a unique potential to create an anthem for Qlimax.

Ran-D: A turning point in the last decade Qlimax

If Technoboy was hardstyle genre artist of the first decade of the century, Ran-D You could consider the second. Either alone or in a group with Adaro as Gunz 4 Hire, with the appointment today, it is the artist with the highest number Qlimax participations in the last 10 years. Counting from 2011, this It will be his seventh appearance, something that only has achieved Technoboy and Headhunterz.

Missing a little over two months and despite that, Q-Dance only with the names and posters of the event and gave us a little taste of it can be one of the most memorable pages to the hardstyle scene. Let's wait until November 23!

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