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You defqon.1 get permission to add 1 more day

It has long been speculating that with the extension of the duration of the biggest festival in hard styles. And while the organizers had expressed their clear intention to make this happen (read note), It was necessary still a long way to achieve it.

Most days, fewer hours.

Well, that road is a little closer to completion, as the municipality of Dronten -a locality where it is carried out has authorized the event- the extension of Defqon.1 and Lowlands fetivales in 1 day, that if, with the proviso that the afterparty last only till 1 am.

This would mean that income could take place on Thursday, allowing fully utilized on Friday as a day of festival.

Discussion by Decibels

The discussion is now in litigation filed by the neighboring municipalities of Nunspeet, Elburg and Oldebroek who claim the excess noise produced by festivals and expect a quick solution by Dronten.

Now that the organizers have approval, we expect announcements of the next edition of the festival rejoice us with good news regarding this issue.

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