The winner of the contest Defqon.1 2019, Solstice!

It is already a week since Q-Dance through its social networks announced that Solstice was the winner of the Defqon.1 contest. Between congratulatory messages that do not stop arriving from locals and strangers, cups of coffee and a fight against time to leave everything in tune for his first presentation at the mother event of hard music worldwide, the young and brilliant Spanish producer tells us Give a little of your time to get to know your impressions first hand and tell us a little about the surprises that await us next Saturday.

1. Well, first of all, we want to thank you for the time that you share with Bassmusic today since I imagine that although you must be enjoying them equally, you must be fighting against time for all that it means to prepare a presentation in such few days. How are you? How have these days been after winning the constest?

Thank you for your continued support and interest. It's been a crazy few days. Everything has arrived until the last moment and with very few days to prepare for such an event. Mixed feelings. My mind has not been able to assimilate that this year I would act in Defqon.1 2019 with so many colleagues. I have prepared two new tracks, one of them almost finished, for everyone to enjoy first at the best hard music festival in the world. There is no better premiere than that.

2. Para muchos que conocemos tu música desde tu anterior alias sabemos que este no ha sido nada casual. De hecho, ha sido un proceso que ha ido de poco en poco consolidándose. ¿Cuantas veces probaste suerte en este tipo de concursos tipo constest? ¿No entraste en algún momento en una cierta desesperación que los mismos siempre llegabas hasta el final y no lo ganabas por una u otra circunstancia?

He probado en numerosas ocasiones como cualquier artista que tiene sueños en mente. Gané en 2017 el concurso de Decibel pero cuando recibí la notificación surgieron problemas personales que me impidieron actuar allí y tuve que rechazar la oportunidad. Como todos saben, el año pasado el concurso fue algo polémico y tras el gran apoyo recibido por parte de mis seguidores me vi bloqueado mentalmente y muy desmotivado. Gracias a dios cogí fuerzas y saqué música que me ha permitido visitar el mundo y actuar en lugares de en sueño y gracias a eso tuve las fuerzas para volver a presentarme al año siguiente. La clave ha sido demostrar con música y con mi manera de interpretarla en el escenario que merece la pena dar una oportunidad a alguien que ha empezado desde cero, con música y con ilusión.

3. And for that matter, how would you define Solstice and the person who is behind this alias for people who just know you through this interview?

Es una pregunta difícil. Solstice es algo difícil de definir. Yo diría que es producto de lo que todos construimos juntos. Siempre digo que Juan es Juan y Solstice es algo que todos crean. Si Solstice existe es por el apoyo de la gente así que la mejor manera de definirlo es decir que Solstice es tú. Yo soy una persona peculiar y de carácter bastante explosivo y emocional pero a la vez tímida cuando estoy fuera de mi mundo. Soy una persona que no lo ha tenido fácil en la vida, como todo el mundo, y que valora la honestidad, el buen trabajo y odia las trampas y los métodos dañinos para la música

4. Do you think that this mixture of emotions on a personal and social level are what make the sound of Solstice what it is?

Definitely. And I would also add the environment around me. I live surrounded by natural beauty. A simple walk along the coast inspires a thousand ideas with ease.

5. You released music with X-BONE RECORS and switched to SCANTRAXX and have been releasing your music recently on this label. How do you think the label has influenced these recent events and how is your relationship with them in terms of image management?

Well Scantraxx is a perfect showcase to give visibility to my work. It would be dishonest to say that launching on the most important label in the history of Hardstyle is not an advantage. The relationship is good because they trust me and allow me to follow my own lines and be independent in both style and image. Which is to be appreciated.

6. And I think it is a very wise thing to let each one of the record companies have their own decision on where to take their image as an artist. We have talked about almost everything in this little talk, we just need to talk about what will be next Saturday. Tell us more about what expectations you have about this moment. Do you have in mind to pay homage to your old alias or to present a new act?

I will present two new tracks and I will wink that everyone will know my old alias. I will not present a new act yet. But I will put a new track related to something that I have planned for 2020. I hope to see many friends and familiar faces. Purple is a small stage but it will allow me to enjoy with my friends the purest hardstyle experience. My expectations are always high and whenever I have played outside the sensations have been higher than what I expected. I hope to see fans from many countries and of course neither country, which is making a lot of noise lately!

7. Finally, we would like you to give a great message to your fans in Latin America. We know there are many because I spoke to several people about this interview and they were all very happy to know what you will play next week in Defqon.1

I just want to say that they are a fundamental part of this project and that I have no words to thank you for supporting hardstyle and my work. At heart, it is the most dedicated and excited public I have ever seen. I hope to finally meet many of my Latin American fans at Defqon.1 and thank them in person.

We thank you very much for your time and from the heart as Bassmusic we send you the best vibes for this great moment! Enjoy a lot!

Solstice is a hardstyle music producer. Despite his young age, he has released music on X-BONE RECORDS and currently SCANTRAXX. Before that I used the Dacompazz alias. His latest work is The Final Melody.

Juan Cortez
Content Creator and Colaborator Quito, Ecuador.

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