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Revival: The new great work of Deetox

After several months in which Deetox was off the stage because of her pregnancy and subsequent birth of their first son named Noah, Queen of Raw returns to the stage and nothing more and nothing less than a musical work called Revival.

Revival is the primary name of a project that seems to be quite large since a few days ago released her first EP and belongs to revival called "Fallen". This EP contains 5 tracks where three of them are complete produced by Diana and the other 2 are collaborations with other artists.

It's amazing how the accident that hospitalized several days had now turned into a great ally for her tracks and work which has appointed or iconized with lightning like "Bring the Riot".

An impressive EP

In Fallen, tells the story after her accident since falling to her resurrection and beyond. This was highlighted in the description This is my Revival, where she explained that the project consists of 3 EP's, each with a set of tracks that captures the essence and phases happened to Deetox or forced to walk.

The first EP to be released is Fallen, which displays the sentiments of the time after fate had struck her. On The Edge marks the second EP that she will share with you, representing the struggle of her recovery intertwined with a sense of hope and euphoria. The third and final EP is called Victory, serving as a declaration of determination.

No doubt it's a great job from the Queen of Raw and how it has been inspired further focusing very personal in every song so that everyone can enjoy. We expect Revival, also transformed into a new world tour name and certainly achieves visit Latin countries.

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder & Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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