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JC Celada: an interview with the mastermind of Q Dance in Mexico

The boom and the whole force that Mexico is holding within the music industry is to be admired. Not only for the number of international festivals and events year after year they add to Aztec lands, but for the dedication shown to your audience attending each no matter how far they are. Such is the case of hard events that are coming to Mexico.

As we have previously discussedThe hard scene in Mexico is growing and stronger day by day and with the arrival of Q Dance to Mexico, It will take a course to which we must pay close attention, because it will change the history of this country in many respects. That is why I decided to contact the mastermind who brought high-caliber international festivals in Mexico (as it was last year Rissington Festival), JC Celada or better known as The Music Agent Instagram and thus learn more about his beginnings in the production of festivals and their motivation and love for the hard.

1. You are very important in the entertainment industry in Mexico figure. What are the challenges you faced to get to where you are and how was that passion and dedication for electronic music?

JC Celada: First of all is a real compliment that I consider important in the entertainment industry in Mexico. Thank you! The challenges are the subject of all my days 24/7, I'm a dreamer, I love daydreaming. I have a very broad and creative imagination so I developed over the years, one of my biggest challenges has been to be more disciplined daily; discipline in this business is vital and necessary to achieve positive results. Another of my biggest challenges has always been able to finance my shows, because they are very, very expensive and require solid investments and high impact to achieve festivals. Gradually I've learned finance and I'm no financial haha, but I give blows me and I've been made to improve the financial part in my business and can get on with what I love to do.
Finally another the major challenges has been the communication being foreigners because they have to work more structured and run formula; They are extremely accurate with their times and tracking formatsTo me it did not cost me much since I grew up in the United States thanks to my mother, but my staff, there is always friction that take away time and do not add up, and then I have to always fix ... I seem to referee a boxing match.

La pasión por la música la heredé de mis padres y tíos maternos – paternos. A mi madre le gustaba la Salsa y el Rock en español, Oscar de León, Eddy Santiago, Hector Lavo, Miguel Mateos , Enanitos Verdes, Joan Jett, Rod Stewart. Mi papá: los Beatles, The Doors, Janis Joplin, y los Bee Gees. De mis tíos: Deepeche Mode, New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Simple Minds, A- HA y por el otro lado y la música Disco, Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, Diana Ross, Barry White, Earth Wind and Fire, Madona y Michael Jackson. Crecí entre pura gente grande y muchas fiestas ya que mis papás eran muy jóvenes. Recuerdo que me mandaban a dormir temprano como un niño normal pero la realidad me encantaba bailar, cantar, actuar y hacer reír a la gente. I took great things in a child just 5 years, always dreamed of being big, I put the skates of my uncles, my dad jackets, I painted the face and gave concerts Kiss my cousins ​​and uncles of action, I wanted to be a singer. Music I have it in my blood, in my veins, in the soul ... is my best friend.

It was in 1989 when my parents separated and my mother emigrated to Chicago, just as the Acid House and House Music were resurgent and mixes synthesizers and disco music began to mix and called him House MusicIt was a revolution of new sounds to my ears and for all who were lucky enough to live in Chicago. I grew up in North Chicago, for me, the best place in the world, for many one of the most insecure places in Illinois. Just 10 years and together with my friends, we buy a Technics 1200, we used one Warehouse abandoned in the summer and only with a turntable and speaker did our first holidays in the summer. During the day, came all the kids on the block or neighborhood, I have a very broad influence with the Hip Hop and R&B since 75% of children in my neighborhood were black and only puertoriqueños rest, Cubans, Dominicans, Indian, Italian, only 5% were Mexicans. This we did every summer, at 13 already had an audience, I managed to gather 200 people taking only 13 years in an abandoned place and there began a part of my life in the entertainment business and other things you can read in a book I'm writing.

2. You created Juice Agency and within it there is a team, partners, a family that has been responsible for bringing us great festivals and events in Mexico How was Juice Agency? Is there a story behind its creation?

JC Celada: Juice Agency by its acronym, July and Ice = Juice. Ice and I met at one of the festivals that took Puebla, By Tom does He recommended me and told me that she was in Mexico so I flew to Puebla, just enough for me to talk to her 5 minutes to take the hired all the logistics and Artist Handle. Juice Agency still not 100% off've been very careful and millions of meetings in Europe and USA to promote it, it takes a long time, the main idea we have for Ice and Juice, is it a springboard and a bridge to promote national talent abroad, not only playing festivals but creating artists and consume the public. It is a project very far future father, and Iran knowing more than the because it requires a long time and both have companies in other companies in Europe parallel to Juice Agency.

3. From my point of view, I think you're a great reference in the Mexican scene hard for everything you're doing for the Hard Dance comes completely to Mexico What was it that made you turn to see this scene that has gripped great strength in our country?

JC Celada: I met the hard thanks to a former Dutch girlfriend, she took me to one of the first parties that produced ID&T that it's called Thunderdome in 2002, there I met the movement that had adopted the Dutch, in fact there was a promoter who bought discs in Chicago House Music and sold at his shop in Amsterdam, I can not say his name, is now a very public person. I always wanted to bring something stronger and with that meaning but something would not let me do it. On the other hand, he was already signing contracts and licenses Ministry of Sound, HedKandi y Global Underground it was fashionable around the world, I was tour manager and then to Latin America license with owner Michael Gallagher. Now my compadre and better early 2013's when together with one of my best friends in Holland, Pascal Labrie, decided to create the World of Wonders and introduce hard on the big stage. We brought HeadHunterz, DBSTF, to name a few and then I realized that people in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico accepted, digested it well and liked it. Hard for me is not a fad, it's like rock, was born to live foreverMy country needs it, we need good soldiers who like to dance, be happy to share, help, create, evolve and to have a country more aware and better every day. Music is medicine and healthy all, I myself have lived.

4. A few months ago you were in ADE sharing panel with Villain and people of Q Dance. Could you tell us what this great conference was discussed.

JC Celada: I spoke of strong issues in the country. The narco-culture and what feeds and how hard did you have a decline. I also talked about investment in festivals, the malinchismo and where it comes from. Energy public in Mexico, we talked about why Q Dance I had to stop its editions in Chile, the economy in both countries and how they affected this business.

5. A few weeks ago you announced that Q-dance is done in Mexico and how soon give news about this great event How to give these negotiations began with the people of Q Dance? What can we expect from the conference?

JC Celada: Q Dance has offers from many promoters in Mexico since 2014But they are too square with production issues and times. They searched for a promoter with which they feel comfortable and understood the Dutch market in question production, promotion and logistics. Really are mega mega strict with everything, we have already signed a contract with them but keep documents detailing. All Dutch travel to their productions, indeed it is the most expensive production with which I have worked, but the best quality. They are the creators of such festivals. This April 30 I will give news via Instagram: The_Music_Agent. Pay attention!

6. Many say it will be a The Sound of Q-dance or a type of takeover within a festival Could you give us a little preview?

JC Celada: At the moment I can not for an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) that I have signed with them.

7. From your point of view How do you see Mexico in electronic music. Do you think we are becoming closer as a scene? What could be improved?

JC Celada: What I recommend is saving and traveling to major festivals in the Netherlands and the world, it is not expensive so they can live it and acquire more culture. Culture is at the dance, the music is first to dance to, festivals serve to connect with each other, nation with nation, people with people, are generating machines peace and harmony, positive energy. Mexicans are good and chingones, which put us in Netflix is ​​pure fart and people believe it.

8. Finally, What's coming in the future for you and your entire team?

JC Celada: Lots of music and many festivals to Mexico.

Already know, stay tuned to the networks of JC, the official statements and the media that are partners in this new phase that is about to change the course of the hard scene in Mexico.

Author Valeria Quijano

Creative content creator from México who works before for the well known media called Thump. Mexico as Editorial Assistant.

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