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FYRE Festival: a documentary film you must see!

Netflix on January 18 released a documentary about an event called FYRE Festival. This event took place in 2017 and had like lease a private island in the Bahamas with luxurious villas and villa to stay, in addition to great artists like Blink 182, Disclosure, Major Lazer among others where they have many celebrities.

However, what started as a great idea between the two ringleaders (Billy McFarland next to the famous rapper Ja Rule) have turned into a nightmare for those who worked at the event without receiving payments and for attendees upon arrival realized that , everything promised, nothing existed.

Why you should see it?

Basically the unfortunate outcome that also had the Wondergates national event in its edition December 2018, on a weekend that promised but ultimately and fortunately was canceled. We say fortunately because otherwise, who bought their tickets, they would feel the same or worse than the thousands of young people who went to this "private island" where have all the comforts of the world, alcohol piecework, gourmet food, yachts, between other luxuries.

Si bien, no podemos comparar ambos eventos, hay una suerte de conexión y que como conclusión es “ver para creer”. Es decir, en el marketing hay muchas estrategias para generar ventas sin tener nada. Eso es lo que demuestran en este documental, donde todo comenzó con un trailer para promocionar la fiesta al más puro estilo Coachela pero en una isla, generando gran expectativas y acaparando la atención de todos los medios.

When you are playing with the faith of the people

This documentary is also an outcome where workers (called talents) they are disassociated team without firing them, which means that remain unpaid or, give back a percentage to continue to keep connected without paying the whole. On the other hand, involve celebrities and these are also involved in FYRE Festival have a great responsibility as it becomes misleading advertising.

It is very important to know who organize events or at least be certain that path are on the market because anyone with money can make an event, but not everyone knows what it entails performing one.

The fraud

Simplemente hay pseudo productores que juegan con el dinero o construyen eventos en base a la venta de los tickets, prestamos o bien inversionistas. Esta última es la más lógica si se realiza un buen estudio de mercado para vender un festival o evento. No obstante el construir sin nada, es un riesgo inminente si es que no generas la venta necesaria para costear todo, lo que tiene un impacto en el resultado final de las promesas con la realidad. Eso, es lo que ocurre en este documental y lo que podría haber sucedido con el evento nacional que mencionamos anteriormente.

Refund of money

Moreover, FYRE Festival attendees experienced the poor service by the delay money back and they paid for something they never received. In this respect, deeply we recommend fight for their fair share and I say this because I've seen several publications of people loyal, they bought their ticket to Wondergates and still not get their money back despite already take more than 25 working days ( Bizantinno term the producer said).

Unfortunately the producer has not spoken at all so many affected are in limbo if you do not go to Puntoticket or make a class action concept event canceled days before its realization.

For all these reasons and the reality that happened in our country, we recommend you see the series Netflix or in Pelispedia.

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder & Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.

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