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Catalina managed to fulfill his dream!

This past Saturday, the first edition of the Spanish festival Dreambeach which had a record of over 20,000 thousand people divided into 3 scenarios Sporting Viña del Mar. The event was held, fulfilled the expectations of all fans of both the EDM and Hard Dance Music but especially the small Catalina Garay just 11 years.

He / she who follows it, get it!

Una madre (Jacqueline Mejías) quería cumplir a toda costa el sueño de su hija, fanática del dj #1 en el TOP 100 DJMAG 2018 Martin Garrix. Ambas residentes en Punta Arenas quisieron comprar el ticket al festival para que su hija viera a su ídolo y tal vez pudiera tener el privilegio de conocerlo. Sin embargo, al comprar se dieron cuenta que el evento era para mayores de 18 años por lo que ahora se conformaban con verlo y tomarse una fotografía. Fue ahí cuando Jacqueline nos envió un video de su hija mezclando en vivo los mejores tracks de Garrix, mostrando todo su talento con solo 11 años y la pasión por la música que corre por sus venas.

Last week, we managed to raise her material labeling the fanpage Dreambeach to see what they could do or at least help people know that the artist was staying Hotel for Catalina's dream was real.

Quickly the video is greatly expanded and the executive producer of the festival commented on our video indicating that communicate with her since the general and financial producer wanted to collaborate and invited Catherine and her mother to attend the festival and thus fulfill his dream .

Catalina's dream was fulfilled!

Finally, with great joy, Catalina fulfilled his dream of meeting Martin Garrix and share with him, making a picture and not only with him but also with one of the girls Nervo, Wildstylez and other artists with whom he shared backstage.

We are very happy as a team have achieved something really nice for her to just publish your video on our fanpage. Also pleased that Dreambeach has contributed to fulfilling the dream of Catalina, a future DJ in the electronic scene which 24Hours confessed he would like to become the youngest Dj version Dreambeach 2020 in Chile.

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder & Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.

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