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5 Year Olds bass music!

Unbelievably it has passed 5 years since this news media came to life with the intention in the beginning, translating English news Hard News for all Latinos could understand.

However with the passage of time as you know, we evolve to create our own content on the web as well as in social networks to the point we have now focused on other areas.

Since the change of algorithm facebook which allows less presence of people marks on walls is that we have been affected (well all major brands fanpage) having to deal with it and finding new ways to reach the public.

That is why today our strength is to deliver Hardstyle updated every month on our Spotify playlist by Rodrigo Barria who daily updated this section.

It has been so successful that we reached 1,000 subscribers and the playlist of Top 100 Q-Dance more than 9000 subscribers, surpassing even the official playlist of Q-Dance.

Instagram has become a great ally because it allows greater interaction and facebook have less visibility but there are in force and alive against all odds.

In 5 years we have done what a means of hard dance in Chile has done and just simply say that we are a registered among other feats and of which we are proud brand.

We want to thank once again all those who have supported us every reader, every artist, every agency and label that has supported us and with whom we have worked.

Thanks for keeping us alive, thanks for the nearly 50,000 followers on facebook and all the joys that we as passionate about this music, we also share with you.

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder & Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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