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The withdrawal of another artist more: Unsenses

There is no doubt that something is happening in the scene world of electronic music and that after the death of Avicii, we have seen how various artists have expressed exhaustion, stress and on market demand their human capabilities in music production .

"Recent years have been a roller coaster of emotions"

Hoy lamentablemente fue el turno de Unsenses, productor y dj de Bélgica quien tras un extenso mensaje anuncia su retiro como dj debido a la exigencia y los problemas con los cuales ha lidiado en su carrera profesional como también personal. De esta manera, el artista comunica que continuará en producción musica por que lo ama demasiado pero ya no como dj si no más bien por gusto personal.

After a successful year and achieve goals and create the anthem of Sunrise 2018 and presented at the mainstage of Reverze, the artist takes a step to the side and decides to lower revolutions affecting his life and creativity. However, he stresses in his message that has an album with Dirty Workz prepared which will be called Seven Senses and will be his last work to light. This work, as well, those that have already assigned bookings for 2019, made giving 150% as mentioned.

"The album is the culmination of my emotions and feelings"

The album is a culmination of my feelings, my emotions and everything I’ve been going through during both my professional life as an artist and my personal life as Gilles

Sad news of the withdrawal of this artist who, with tears in his eyes as demonstrated in instagram stories goodbye but at least managed several of his dreams in his career that will now be part of his past.

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder & Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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