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The Frenchcore has come to Qlimax

This Saturday is only Qlimax is that after the news that will be fully broadcast in HD and 4K HDR we got all revved up to live the live experience even from our homes. But we are here to talk about an interview he had with Dr.Peacock Q-dance which highly values ​​the power present in this great event.

"I love that the Frenchcore have a space in this great event"

When they asked about his first time at Qlimax, and if you have prepared something in particular, responds as follows:

"I definitely do something special. My album came out a week ago so I'll play a lot of tracks from that album. I have other great ideas which I will not explain now. It will be amazing! "

Did you think that someday the Frenchcore reach Qlimax?

No, absolutely not. Jesus, this is really amazing. I love that Frenchcore have a space in this great event. This is a sign that the Frenchcore scene is growing.

"I would like a collab with Ophidian"

It was his response when asked if they would like a collab with any particular artist. Undoubtedly, a collab with Ophidian would be epic because aque artist is quite experimental hardcore in their music as it also has incredible melodies and atmospheres that would adjust perfectly to what Dr. Peacock.

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder & Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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