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A love letter for Dreamfields Mexico

The weekend was unique. Many of us dream for months to the day when the phoenix tapatías touched land, we dream an event that left us speechless in production, line up and sound. Dreamfields Mexico was the event that for any forecast, failed to show that things can be done well since the first edition and to leave just over 30,000 satisfied and above all attendees, the harders fulfilled us a dream that we had been screaming for some time, a festival that was "central" in the country to unite us all and dance like two days followed over 150 BPM.

It sounds corny and maybe say, why would you do a letter to a festival? because it exceeded my expectations both labor and public.
It showed me that no barriers to dance and enjoy together, that artists and attendees can enjoy pace without being behind the scenes are needed. No matter the weather, everyone danced, enjoyed and made each day a unique and unparalleled moment. But more than anything, the hard dance is grabbing much stronger and DJs mainstage dare to touch it set after set. Dreamfields taught me so many things I had not seen at other festivals. It was unique and I can not compare it to another simply because the conditions are different.

I sincerely hope that you keep, improve and continue to grow so one day bring both those events that are on everyone's lips without official confirmation (The Sound of Q-dance and Defqon.1) but are in talks.
Do not stop dreaming, we continue making noise, let's helping, contributing to the scene to grow and continue to consolidate more so, get to have many more high-profile festivals.
Friends, keep dreaming and see you in 2019.

Author Valeria Quijano

Creative content creator from México who works before for the well known media called Thump. Mexico as Editorial Assistant.




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