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Cyber ​​goodbye to the stage

A sad news is that we just announced the young Swiss talent Seraja Hilbrecht, better known as Cyber, who will end his career as a DJ and will not appear on stage.

In an emotional publication of its Facebook page, the creator of the anthem of Freaqshow 2016 confessed that despite his musical career has given him the best years of his life, has also been a desgastadora burden that has ruined his mental health over the years.

"The end of a melody is not the goal. However, if a melody had not reached an end, not an objective will be achieved. A Parable "
– Nietzche

My love for music has reached a point where I have to decide which way to go. You see, I've spent the last year traveling the world, making presentations, at parties, producing - friends and enemies. But I've lost along the way. I've forgotten what really matters to me, so ..

With great regret I must announce the end of my career as an artist presentations.

I absolutely clear and I am grateful to have lived a dream life, supporting me through my music production and performance. DJing literally showed me the world. However, this lifestyle is full of threats for mental health. Extreme sleep deprivation, difficulty maintaining relationships, increased pressures on social networks, market saturation and long periods of isolation and constant instability.

I have been blessed to work in Headliner Entertainment, Wishlist Agency and Dirty Workz, who always looked after me and tried to support me and help me.
I would like to thank you for all the work and support in the past few years, which have been a frantic race.

And of course a huge thanks to IT-all the fans who have come to my presentations, whether in clubs, festivals or events. Regardless of the weather or location, you kept coming and they will be forever grateful for their support ..

But I will not leave music production, I will continue producing and releasing music in Dirty Workz and I hope you continue to find joy in this, as a famous song of mine he says: "Find the joy in the music, find joy in the other "

I will continue introducing myself in the already scheduled shows until 9 December!

Thanks to everyone ❤️

A sad news, which however does not surprise us, since the demands of the machine to generate money which has become the industry-and electronics is also affecting the character hardstyle- bankruptcy musical talents of all those who do not they are able to withstand the pace.

Only months ago, the world went into mourning to dismiss Avicii who took his own life in similar circumstances (See article) And soon Hardwell, the former world number # 1, also announced his retirement due to environmental pressures (See article).

Cyber ​​goodbye and hope you do not leave this musical quality that stands out to you.

Author Rodrigo Barría

Content Creator & Community Manager. Valparaíso, Chile.




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