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Do not learn: Two killed by overdose in Defqon.1 Australia

Sad news leaves us the tenth edition of Defqon.1 in Australia, as he again ended with a tragic toll of deaths, serious and arrested for possession and consumption of illegal drugs. This time the festival is in danger.

The long history of Australian drug seems to have no end. 2 dead, hundreds hospitalized and several arrestros in recent editions, raised the mystery about what developments would bring the celebration of the 10 years of the festival hard world's largest continent in the ocean dance.

And again they failed, as a 21 year old and 23 year old died in the event, while other 2 of 19 and 26 are hospitalized seriously, all suspected drug overdose. In addition, hundreds of attendees were treated by emergency services, also for problems with imported drug.

But this time the authorities have decided to take action on the matter, starting with the sports minister New South Wales, Stuart Ayres, who announced the Sydney International Regatta Centre –enclosure that has historically hosted Defqon.1- will not receive anymore.

For its part, the premiere Gladys Berejiklian, the highest authority of New South Wales, has been clear in stating that every effort will definitely get Defqon.1 your state and Sidney, considering it a danger to youth.

Absolutely tragic, I do not want to see this event in Sydney and New South Wales again, we will make every effort to get him out of here.

Not clear yet what the future of Defqon.1 in Australia or what decision to take the producers behind him, but can predict that not to change the attitude and responsibility of Australians against drugs, the future will be very dark for electronic music events in the country.

Author Rodrigo Barría

Content Creator & Community Manager. Valparaíso, Chile.




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