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Interview with Bass Modulators – Limitless Album

We had an amazing interview with the guys from Bass Modulators before the official release of their album on September 7th called Limitless. We talked with them about their work and what guides them to make this great new production by the way.

official launch on September 7

First of all, why Limitless? Why an album?

We had so many tracks done in such a short period of time that we thought: it’s now or never! We are not quite the Usain Bolts as in producing speed, so this was really a big opportunity for us. We believe that if you let go of fear, believe in your goals and are confident of succeeding, you are without limitations. We wanted to show some of that believe to the fans through our music, so what better name for our debut album than Limitless right?

Will it be a physical or Digital album? Or both?

We will release this album digital only. Everybody listens to their music through phones, tablets etc nowadays.

Which one is your favorite track from this new album?

We would both say, Warrior! We created a great atmosphere in this one.

Many people premiered one of this new tracks at the Endshow at Defqon.1 How it happens that? What did you feel while you were looking the Fireworks and stuffs from the mainstage?

For a music producer, it’s the best feeling in the world. Seeing your production meeting another (firework) production and working together perfectly is amazing.

What inspired you to create such a really good melodic tracks?

We get inspiration out if practically anything. Could be an elevator tune, a movie or just feeling happy.

Can we find some collabs or is focused on you guys?

Yes! We did a new collab with Audiotricz! After Feel Good we talked about making another one but it never happened. The Album was a great opportunity to ask the guys to come over to make a new banger together.

Quote from Audiotricz:
We're really happy with the result and proud to be part of their album! The collab also reminded us that working together can be really inspiring. Sharing tips, tricz and knowledge is always a good thing and most of all good for the team Spirit!

How many tracks does it contain this new album? Can you tell us their names?

The Album will contain 13 tracks, the tracklist will be announced shortly.

This is the first album from your new label Spirit of Hardstyle. How does it feel to be Limitless?

Once a man becomes fearless, everybody can be Limitless! We wanted to share our thoughts about this with our fans through this album. Everybody can achieve everything they want to, as long as you believe in it. We feel the same about our career. We worked very hard to be where we are know, and it took a while to realize what we had accomplished.

Inside of the Spirit of Hardstyle team, What was the first impression from them?

Everybody was enthusiastic when we talked about doing an album months ago. When we dropped the first demo’s, we got some great feedback from them. This is a great advantage when you work with so much talent on your own label.

This album means like to recover the Spirit from Bass Modulators also? Like the essence of uplifted feelings?

We wanted to express everything we can do in one product. We did a lot of different things and explored some new ways of making kicks and sounds. But indeed, we also did what we always do: making uplifting and feel good melodies, we love that ;)

What is next? Any news about a tour under the name Limitless?

No news yet, but of course it would be great to spread our album sound through a tour.

The upcoming goal from Bass Modulators…what can you say about it?

There is no real different goal than we always have had; make music we like and try to reach as much people as possible with it. We want people to feel our music as much as we do.

Anything else you want to share with us? Feel free!

Some Limitless facts:

  • 13 tracks.
  • It took us 4,5 months to make it.
  • 2 project were so crammed with plugs, it was almost impossible to export them because of the glitches and errors. xD
  • Limitless, the theme song for our album, was actually the last track we finished.
  • For Awakening we used a melody we already had for 4 years.
  • Also for Awakening, the vocalist is Laila, Rick’s girlfriend.
  • We made two different mid intro versions for Get Me High, because we liked a different kick than Audiotricz did, their version won ;)
  • Never Surrender sent us his Hardcore bootleg remix of Het Gevoel Van through Instagram, we liked it so much we decided to put it on the album and make it an official remix.

We want to thank Scantraxx Recordz, Cloud9, and Q-Dance for working with us on this album in terms of clearing, masters and releasing/featuring. Also our Management (Dion and Melle), they did a hell of a job! Not forget to mention B-front and Clockartz for the remixes and Villain for the collab on The Pit. And of course, our buddies from Spirit Of Hardstyle for their feedback and support!

Thankful for this great interview with Bass Modulators. We hope that you have enjoyed and attentive to the official release of their first album called Limitless!

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder & Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.

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