Interview with Keltek!

We had a great interview with Keltek where we talked about his latest productions as well as his future and the next visit to our country with Scantraxx S.W.A.T. We invite you to read and learn more about this great producer.

Keltek Hi, thanks for having us! We are happy to have this interview with you to talk more about your career as Keltek.

How did you come up with the name KELTEK?

Thanks for having me! :)
I love Celtic influences and related theme's So KELTEK is a creation on that name.

What inspire you to create your awesome tracks?

Music from older hardstyle, little bit of modern hardstyle, movies, vocals, bit's and pieces from 90's music. and so much more...but sometimes it just comes out of nowhere.

Till now, Which one is your favorite track from your own?

It's quite difficult to say, I think "Dance The Way I Am".

Who did the vocal for Dark sun? We know it’s distorted but what a great voice!! Tell us the secret!

It's a "Sample" voice ... but originally it sounded quite different.
it was something that totally didn't fit the music part I already made. but it did sound so special, I just needed it to be in there.
So I had to change the whole singing line and some tones.
Also, the timing of this vocal is very weird.. so I changed some of the timing, but not everything so it stays special.
I did the same with Dance The Way I Am, but this vocal I wrote myself.

We already know your big dream in life is to have a trip to space. Do you have any idea when to fulfill this dream?

When it's affordable and safe.. that can be in 10 years.. but maybe never for me... I don't know.
I will accept if it only stays a fantasy.

Right now you are one of the best producers heading Scantraxx, How do you feel at Scantraxx family?

At home :)

At Scantraxx, Does the cooperation between producers exist at Scantraxx? I mean when you give and receive feedback from your colleagues.

Yes, sometimes we do, but for me it's important not to show anyone till the track is nearly done. 
Someone else's opinion can have a lot of influence on the choices I still have to make before its finished.

What's the most important part of a Hardstyle track for you?Build up? Kicks? Screech? Melody? Vocal?

Melody and vocal

Which artist would you like to work with?

Working on so many collab's right now.. I can't really answer.

Some colleagues have been creating some hybrid tracks between Hardstyle and hardcore. Have you been thinking in to create something like that?

I'll probably stick with 150bpm.

On September 29th will be your first time as Keltek in Chile. How do you feel about it?

Every artist loves to play in Chile.. the lovely people, atmosphere, and beautiful country. That's why it feels like a real privilege to get back there as KELTEK.

Do you have surprises in mind for your set? Any new tracks that you can premier at Scantraxx S.W.A.T?

Some new collabs for sure, maybe some remixes. and special edits.

What do you love the most about our crowd here in Chile?

They are so energetic and thankful!

Did you already tried some Chilean food and drinks? Like empanadas, Piscola, pisco sour?

No, I always stick with the familiar food for me... This time I want to try everything! and see more of the country itself.

Any words that you want to dedicate to your fans in Chile? Feel free!

Keep an eye on my online profiles, because there’s a lot of cool stuff coming up! And of course, make sure to be a part of Scantraxx SWAT on September 29th. Can’t wait to see you all there!

Thank you very much for this interview KELTEK hope to see you on September 29th at Scantraxx S.W.A.T.

Marco Hammer
CEO, Founder & Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.

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