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Jueves hard: A weekly space for hard scene

long we had the intention to highlight a weekly meeting that has become a place where new friendships are born and where they all share two things in common; beer and hard dance music.

Hard Thursday is the name of the event which is held every Thursday in Santiago de Chile at the local Bellavista space located in the epicenter of the bars of the capital and stands out as a very large place but above all, give space to fill on Thursday with only fans of this music and high bpms sharing a good conversation with old and new friends with a beer.

Hard on Thursday in recent years there have been around 850 acts, and they have presented around 280 DJs.

We spoke to Jose Reyes, better known as Piscola which was the founder of these meetings that already has many years of stories, visits anecdotes and even several international artists. We asked about the beginnings and how slowly this place became known Thursday Hard.

It all started in the 2013, with the track 15 to 20 harders

So Joseph tells us who notes that gathered in bars until they found Bellavista Bellavista space and its large terrace, They decided to move to that speaker accompanied by a small bar and good beer.

In 2014 He was given the opportunity to make official meetings on Wednesday and then called Juntas Hard where local djs had the opportunity to play live and no longer a small speaker as in the beginning. In 2015, got popular, It is the only bar that had hard during Wednesday evenings reaching an audience among 80 and 100 harders. That same year, It was when I was changed the day to Thursday in order to shorten the week and give comfort to workers and students attend.

The record is about 600 assistants and was in summer!

Between 2015 and 2018, comvocado has hundreds of fans on all summer even to 600 assistants and see the great call, local authorizing became increasingly more and more so the expanded space for raw djs, hardcore, Local frenchcore to have a place to showcase their talent live.

In regions they are replicating the same initiative!

This place has become the official headquarters of the harder and more every Thursday before an event because it is very common that you can find international artists has already been with Deetox, Radical Redemption, Chain Reaction, Synthax, Warface, The Pitcher, Thera, Hell recognition y Kevin Kaos. Even so fans all over the world have come to this headquarters hard.

:;Accordingly the idea is to keep growing, generar mas momentos para recordar y mas jueves especiales que recordaran por siempre entorno al Hard Dance Music semana a semana.”; José Reyes –; Piscola


Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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