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Who is Pablo Discobar?

This unique artist DJ, part of Coone and The Gang, returned to stages last Sunday at Tomorrowland.

Films, books, series and even nightclubs; ironically, one of the most feared kingpins and bloodthirsty drug history, He went from being a figure of repudiation almost an iconic character of popular culture.

And of course, hardstyle would not be outside this phenomenon, creating its own version of the legendary mobster.

Pablo Discobar

Pablo Discobar is the name of hardstyle act that after Coone, He played half an hour of classic hardstyle in Tomorrowland. fully characterized as Pablo Escobar, este simpático artista divirtió al público con su show y añadió su propio toque a la “;Pandilla”; host.

Now let's the question that interests us

Who is Pablo Discobar?

Are searching for different sites hard dance, we could find that far from being a headliner gender, This is actually a fairly underground artist known as DJ The Z. (See Facebook), who has previously worked with Coone y Dirty Workz.

And while, neither of its two facets keeps very active, Last year he shared the photo album of his show in Tomorrowland.

The act itself does not have own productions, since it is only a humor space while is the best of hardstyle mix. However, It has been quite accepted by the public, so it probably will not be the last time we see this histrionic character on stage (See official facebook).

What name And you think it would be interesting customize a live act?

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