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Phuture Noize album is just epic!

The artist has delighted us with an incredible album which already had its official launch party with the support of Q-Dance producer who is also behind a seal.

About | Phuture Noize

Marco Spronk, más conocido como Phuture Noize, se ha vuelto todo un ícono para el hardstyle y esto debido a que cada track que el artista ha realizado se ha vuelto una canción muy potente, profunda y mística. El Sonido del Futuro en español, sin duda que lo ha sido ya que ha experimentado con cosas que ningún otro artista ha hecho y eso le ha permitido generar un gran sello musical. Por otra parte, destacar que tras su separación, Marco le dió otro sentido a la música y se potenció más de lo que ya venía siendo en ese entonces.

Dutch artist, belonging to Anarchy, a sub label Dirty Workz and who also signed whishlist not for adding success is that after his new album titled Black Mirror Society has captured the attention of the public and industry as the powerful Q-Dance, mark by which the album was made.

Black | Mirror Society

Today we finally know full album leaving the feeling of falling in love with their sound on each of the tracks presented. We even dare say it may be the best album of the year even if the year is not over yet.

The album features 12 tracks, Loggin in; Black Mirror Society; World of Distotion; Run Away; Drift Away; Circles and Squares; Going Under; Make the World Go; Lost in the Moment; United State of Amnesia; Kill the Future and finally We Are The Future.

There is no word that describes the wonderfulness of the album

Itself has in turn a kind of social criticism like a dream world they were or revolution of doing different things making us think about a futuristic society and different with every track and sound. It is very particular Phuture Noize who speaks of the New World Order but from an abstract, avant-garde and innovative view that captivates our ears.

Not only did the album arrives in Chile through the portals, but also the artist itself to be presented at the event Scantraxx in our country on September 29 so there is still enough time for it and you decide to go but undoubtedly Society Black Mirror is a good big reason not to be missed.

Currently the album is available in Apple Music to buy it digitally in this link. However, we expect it to be soon available on Spotify also for many fans of the artist.

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder & Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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