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Wondergates presents The Origin Review

Total success the first version of wondergates indoor which invited more of 4500 attendees at the Movistar Arena in a day of incredible for all fans of the harder styles.

If we had that summarize the experience last Sunday, without a doubt, we would choose the word passion. Because when you put things you win and delivery, Note. Then leave them with the review of what has been lived on Sunday 13 of May.

Techno Warmup

After the opening of doors, the duo binary gave the kickoff, those who were invited to the warm up techno, to prepare for what would be a day loaded with powerful beats.


The founder of Free Fall records was responsible for opening the afternoon of hard dance. Their set was quite energetic and note that he enjoyed the show as much as their fans. Highlight, is that despite having also been invited as a warm-up, you could get the most of your presentation. Es decir, without having all the stage enabled, the sound, Neither the spectacle of lights, was able to fulfill its mission: Turning to the public and prepare it for the next set. Great work from the Brazilian.

Blame Noise

Bello, Bellissimo! The national duo formed by Diego and Rafael, It has managed to win the affection of the people as no other national Act has. In addition to its own productions, each set is prepared with a unique dedication, always adding their own personal touch. On this occasion we were introduced with their bootleg of Bella Ciao with an incredible dramatization of the popular series";La Casa de Papel";, "which included the double officer of";The teacher"; in Chile, In addition to several companions dressed in overalls and mask of Dali. A seven presentation.


Accompanied by the voice of Mc Villain, Sickddellz played several of his new tracks, how";"Loves got me down";, with which reached the top #10 in hardstyle.com. He also released his tribute to Avicii and presented a set which included from hardstyle to Uk Hardcore. Good work that, today, It is the highest Chilean representative abroad.

Sound Rush

The Dutch twins were presented for the first time in Chile and his desire to get to know our audience did not pass unnoticed. After a set loaded with their best themes - including their tributes to Avicii-Project One, they fell onto the dance floor to enjoy the rest of the show as if they were one of the public. His youth, humility and good vibes allowed them to easily contact with people, earning the sympathy of the public.

D-Block &; S-Te-Fan

The popular duo formed by Diederik Bakker and Stefan den Daas, He returned after his first time in Ultra Chile in the 2014, but this time to present a fully hardstyle set. And they did not disappoint, "as with her recently released album";Antidote";, In addition to several edits and much reverse bass and psystyle, they dance to all present at the Movistar Arena harders fulfilling the dream of many fans who wanted them to see.


It was the highlight of the night. The number #1 the hard dance he came back to give us his first set on national soil after his return to the scene and was definitely the favorite of almost everyone by its nostalgic show. Mixed with their most recent successes - including the theme";"Rescue me"; with Sound Rush live-, moved all his fans, who enjoyed their love and delivery, as it did at its best following his first visit in Mysteryland 2011.

Task for the House: Can not miss Rawstyle

Many may say that it is not necessary. Others may assert that the hardstyle is hardstyle and does not need divisions. But let us be honest, entering Noize Suppresor of Headhunterz was rather odd. "Many took that intermediate set of";hammering"; It raised the decibels and prepare the public for the last show of the night. Essential point to consider in a next edition.

Noize Suppressor

The only representative of the hardcore was the grand finale for an incredible day. The legendary Noize Suppressor, with a huge experience on their shoulders, It was a success secured at the festival and thus captured him during all his show. It ended in destroying the legs of those who still had energy, he rushed towards the public near the end, gift your t-shirt to bare-chested and drew a well-deserved smile on the faces of lovers of the most brutal sounds of hard dance.


He is one Chilean more and whenever it returns to our country shows it with new quotes, words and some more Spanish in his word. Congratulate you would be, Now if someone knows how to handle the Chilean fans, This is Mc Villain.

All Ages: A tremendous success

Whenever we get closer to the date of a new event, they tend to get messages by internal asking if they can attend minor. And is that the segment of low harders the 18 years it is quite large and leaving them out is very unfair. This is why the sector All Ages was a huge success and we notice it in the euphoria with which the kids enjoyed in its sector, several of them even with their parents.

Maya King

Special mention to our imposing Mayan King, who simply stole the movie. Its role is ever left and everyone wanted a photo with him. He was able to resist in his character throughout the event and by his cool, the affection of attendees was.


We value the dedication behind the final show. Responsible for the incredible Visual 3d event, He wanted to sum up his work in a fragment of 6 minutes approximately. And, Although it was a little confusing for some, We found it reasonable to be the first time. Launching fireworks within an enclosure was a risk that was best to not assume for now.

What if it should be considered a next time - and it was requested by many- is the inclusion of lasers, a mysticism that add extra.

The sky's the limit.

Villain delivered his latest words, the screens were off and the Movistar Arena lights began to gently ignite to make way for the massive exodus of harders returning to their homes after having left everything on the dance floor.

Meanwhile, in the VIP area of the site, an excited crew embraced, burst to tears by the excitement of having achieved realize successfully a daunting task: rebound from its first edition and reach the distant podium years ago had set a Dutch producer giving us an event with a perfect synchronization of illumination, 3d mapping, Visual, introduction of each artist and much of it corresponds to the work of the producer of the production company Bizzantino, Abraham Rubina and her team.


Final Analysis

It is more than clear, the Movistar Arena is the ideal enclosure for a festival hard dance of these proportions. Downtown, covered and the necessary infrastructure to meet the needs of the attendees. The entrance was ordered, the bathrooms were clean and this time, the food trucks allowed to having food largely without an endless row.

The detail at this point - the read on social networks- It was the price and the brand of beer. For an upcoming issue will be necessary to achieve a new alliance with a better quality beer, at least maintaining the same value.

Returning to the scene, in recent years, the drought of mega events led to the emergence of many new producers, all trying to fill the void left in Chile and all with their own merits by Q-Dance, which value a lot and do not want to belittle.

However, an event of these magnitudes, with this preparation and so focused on achieving the best experience, It made us to regain the hope on the national scene. Great things are possible and showed it Wondergates, entregándonos una tarde mágica que nada tiene que envidiarle a los The Sound of Q-Dance de antaño.

También queremos agradecer la destacable actitud del público, quien le dio una segunda oportunidad a este concepto y se mantuvo firme hasta el final del evento. Sus buenas críticas y elogios impulsan a seguir adelante con mucha más fuerza.

¡Gracias por tanto!


Author Rodrigo Barría

Content Creator & Community Manager. Valparaiso, Chile.




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