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A sound story: 'Find Yourself' Junkie Kid

In life, everyone went through various stages and I'm not talking about "born, grow, reproduce and die." I mean that in some way or another, end up setting ourselves and making us unique ... these stages of self-discovery that arrive without warning and no matter where we are, manage to touch and inspire others.

Esto es algo que el productor mexicano de hard house Junkie Kid logró con su nuevo álbum ‘Find Yourself’. Be different and even make a big difference in the hard dance, then 'Find Yourself' is a compilation rich in genres and production. A completely different than what every lover has listened hard dance album.

Junkie logró algo completamente diferente y es sacar a sus fans de su zona de confort.

A sound delight ranging from techno, hard house passes, electro house and reaches hardstyle. A low well posed history, with its high, and a narrative that only those who really listen from the beginning can understand. As a book, nothing good is reading the end if you do not know how you start and what the characters have to go to complete the story.

Different BPM, collaborations with Latin and so unique style that defines Junkie KidMake this album a melancholy and great inner journey, for those who have closely followed the Mexican, you know that during his career has produced endless genres to become what it is today.

Escucha el álbum completo aquí y no olvides seguir a Junkie Kid on Facebook, Spotify and SoundCloud.

Author Valeria Quijano

Creative content creator from México who works before for the well known media called Thump. Mexico as Editorial Assistant.




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