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You can Sensation Black be reborn?

The production company ID &; T was a publication that has struck a responsive chord in the public where mostly ask for the return of this classic and wonderful Indoor event called Sensation Black. Could it be that they want to see the reaction of the people? Is it a small test to make the leap of faith?

A bit of history

In the year 2000 born Sensation until 2001 It was called as such where attendees could enjoy electronic music mainly related to the trance under the Dutch production company ID &; T. The company was founded by three people, Irfan, Duncan and Theo being his initials brand.

The first version was the only one in that you could dress up in any way, but for the second, Duncan suffered the loss of his brother in a car accident (one of the 3 partners by the way) and so in honor of his brother, He asked people to wear white and from there became tradition.

In the early Sensation was focused on Trance, being challenged with the passage of time where the house was imposed on the dance floor. Years later generated Sensation Black and Sensation White since with the latter they covered the music hard and dark as the Hardtrance, Hardstyle and hardcore in its editions that suit black and the stage artists as Headhunterz, Angerfist, Showtek, Zany, Yoji Biomehanika, Technoboy, Lady Dana and many more names.


One not minor incident

In 2006, in one of its editions, Rob Gee singer with his band had a show at the festival (without taking into account the precautions observed by personnel of ID &; T) and while they played, one of the attendees took the stage and hit Rob Gee. This, in the world of Rock metal did not hesitate to respond in the same way and even worse, his full band sumo to give a beating to the intrepid Assistant. Then, they were booed by the public rejecting reaction by what Duncan Stutterheim's ID &; T, it cancelled all the presentations from Rob Gee and his band of the later editions of Sensation Black.

The end of Sensation Black

The latest edition in the Netherlands was carried out the year 2008 and is that after this, they decided to finish with this version to return to the brand once more as originally and call her Sensation. However, still carried out the latest edition of Sensation Black the 2009 but in the neighboring country, Belgium where it undergoes further change of name and becomes BLACK. And as if they did not want to die, in the Netherlands carried out the concept again Sensation Black but transformed it to something new using the same license in what would be the so-called Feestfabriek.

Thereafter, Sensation White predominated being Sensation and Sensation Black disappeared into a beautiful memory for many and one longing for others that we could not live it.

Reviving festivals

Given the economic problems by which ID &; T has been affected last year, they have had to be reinventing itself and squeezing each neuron to raise the business and which continues to be prosperous for many years more. Hence it comes that they have heard the voice of the public in reviving Thunderdome after their 25 years of being born and today has a strong presence in festivals such as Mysteryland and Tomorrowland inclusive. As well as Thunderdome came alive, may Sensation Black also make it.

Will Sensation Black return?

Yet there is nothing concrete, But let us concern that in his official account producer manifests You know that Sensation had a counterpart and used to be called Black hard and dark? next to the image of the rotating mainstage Sensation classic and where many people expressed their desire to relive it.


It remains to be seen that he says the future of if only becomes a mere tips for those who were unaware of the information or if there might recognize land and see if it still is time to revive it from the ashes such as already made with Thunderdome.

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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