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Hard News highlights show of Blame Noise!

The most important and biggest called Hardstyle Hard News portal, Sunday made a note on the great act carried out by the Chilean duo Blame Noise last in Wondesgates presents The Origin!

Incredible but true!! Blame Noise has earned a space in the website Hard News after his show to play his famous series of Netflix bootleg Bella Ciao, The House of paper.

:;The duo of Chilean DJs Blame Noise has become a pirate version of the song '; Bella Ciao'; and decided to do something with it during the event. Blame Noise played his own bootleg of song ';Bella Ciao‘; During her performance in The Origin and was added a great element of surprise. The cast of the hit series from Netflix the House of paper, where does the song ';Bella Ciao'; , He decided to accompany two DJs on stage.";

Note original: http://www.hardnews.nl/bella-ciao-gaat-de-wereld-over-en-landt-in-chili/

But as it says in the article they are not the first-; due to that Gunz for Hire has already done so too -; they were transformed into people who broke the scheme on stage with an act in conjunction with the cast of the famous series. Professor, the scenario of the Movistar Arena was taken to be part of this event and its resemblance to the original actor made that everything was very real.

In addition to this, the intervention of hard dancers with the overalls and masks of Dalí created a unique show on stage making dance and singing the song to all those present,,es,An experience that you will not forget,,es,is nothing more and nothing less than a Chilean named Sebastian Puga and is that since the series came out,,es,the character of the teacher has been taken as his own standing out in Instagram with a large number of followers from night to morning and now climbing the stage of the Movistar Arena before more than,,es,A unique experience that he had not had before as he pointed us backstage,,es,The robbers,,es,they are fans of the series and also hard dancers like any of you who are motivated,,es.

Una experiencia que no olvidarán

Professor, es nada más y nada menos que un chileno llamado Sebastian Puga y es que desde que salió la serie, se ha tomado el personaje del profesor como propio destacando en instagram con una gran cantidad de seguidores de la noche a la mañana y ahora subiendo al escenario del Movistar Arena ante más de 4500 harders. Una experiencia única que no había tenido antes según nos señaló en backstage.

Los atracadores, son fanáticos de la serie y también hard dancers como cualquiera de ustedes que motivados, they decided to dress with red overall and masks of Dalí to accompany the show's Blame Noise for them also still something unique to do not know when will return to live again. Somewhat nervous, enthusiastic and full of energy, they took to the stage to dance to the rhythm of the hardstyle along with replicas of weapons which gave a unique realism to a round show during the track Bella Ciao.

Leonardo González, Jorge Jara, Carolina Mendoza, Giovanna Castle, Mario Cordero and Nicolás Marinao were the anonymous who supported this show in conjunction with the coordination of Javiera Torres, Camila Solís and who writes them, Marco ';Hammer’;.

Congratulations to all who participated and made this something unique!

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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