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Defqon.1 begins to release the warm up mixes!

The Dutch producer begins to warm up engines for its famous festival called Defqon.1 releasing the classic warm up mixes of each of its stages,,es,Maximum Volume,,en,the warm up mixes are the perfect prelude to put on festivalero mode and of that Defqon knows a lot,,es,And is that he was one of the first to generate the warm up mixes so that all the fans listen to a perfect set according to the musical style of the stage that the mix corresponds to,,es,This is why it is called ",,es,The Colors of Defqon.1”,,en,and we will be updating this article with the new ones that will be released so you can listen to your favorite,,es.

Maximum Force, Maximum Volume!

As usual, los warm up mixes son la antesala perfecta para ponerse en modo festivalero y de eso Defqon sabe mucho. Y es que fue uno de los primeros en generar los warm up mixes para que todos los fanáticos escuchen un set perfecto acorde al estilo musical del escenario que el mix corresponda. Es por esto que se llama “;The Colors of Defqon.1”; y los estaremos actualizando este artículo con los nuevos que vayan liberando para que escuches tu favorito.


Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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