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5 powerful reasons to not miss The Origin!

Now we are to 8 days of this great event and it is amazing how fast that happens the time where we already entered recently in the month of may, month of Wondergates presents The Origin.

In this article, We're going to give some of the reasons why you can not miss the event in which big names come first and others return after a couple of years without visiting us.

1. The return of a legend

Something very powerful in terms of the concept";Return of the Legends"; having this event is based on Headhunterz return to the world of the Hardstyle. And it is that already it will be almost a year since that moment where we were present in the Netherlands know this news from his words.

On 13 of May, It is a very special day for him and for us where you can return to our country (one who loves you more) and delight us with their latest work and sound 100% improved after passing by the EDM.

2. A Line very full up

Undoubtedly, the first highlight of this event is that they played it yet since bring nothing more and nothing less than Headhunterz and D-Block &; S-tefan Phew!!! They are quite expensive but production has made the monetary effort that deserves to bring them and without being fully compliant, they thought in new acts to our country as the Sound Rush talent and legendary dj Noize Suppressor hardcore!!!

In addition to this, always with the intention of supporting the best talent in local and South American, D-Stroyer, Sickddellz and Blame Noise are added to line up animated by MC Villain so that line up, they have played until the last possible weight :O

3. Lighting and set design

The truth is that they gave us to know all the technical terms and so we lost. Only summarize that they are preparing something wonderful (The Sound of Q-Dance style) with intro, presentations, hundreds of lights, 3d mapping projection and thus change the atmosphere of the stage making you believe that there are several.

As you know, in the initial art 3 pyramids and were surprised to learn that the three will be represented in the show by making them feel inside this magical life.

4. Minor sector

It is well known that many fans and followers of the genre cannot attend events by the minority of age. However, the organization behind The Origin by Wondergates has thought of this and has given a space to children so that they can attend and see their idols.

Tickets +14 years old, they are available in Puntoticket.com system and with some authorized sellers. We hope many attend since in this way will be growing our audience that is increasingly more limited.


5. Shakes the Movistar Arena

This great indoor show, It will be held at the Movistar Arena. And it is that all the dancers hard always show their displeasure with the venue since don't like Luxor, they are bored of the Caupolicán and Espacio Riesco is far. How to satisfy the public? Well, Wondergates no doubt that understand them and that is why they chose a great location for a great show.

BONUS: Wondergates Festival Outdoor

How we know and talked about this, Wondergates Festival Outdoor confirms its realization for the second half of this year being the direct competitor of Scantraxx Outdoor. Many compared to Wondergates presents The Origin with the Scantraxx event but are completely different.

In this indoor, the idea is to continue to increase public so that in the future the Outdoor Festival of Wondergates counts with more support of brands from bet on new names and not to always go for the most popular.

Do still you think Miss it?

Sale of tickets right here.

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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