Outstanding producer of hardcore warns about the life of the DJ-; Bassmusic® Bassmusic®

Outstanding producer of hardcore warns about the life of the DJ

Charly Lownoise sent condolences to the family of Avicii and confessed to having suffered something similar during the beginning of his musical career.

Happy hardcore and gabber DJ and producer Charly Lownoise, known mainly for its popular theme :;Wonderful Days"; along with Mental Theo, He confessed to feeling deeply affected by the sad death of Avicii.

With more than 25 years in the world of mixing and music production, Ramon Roelofs It has witnessed the rapid rise of the electronics and the dangers of the stressful life of those who are behind it, so he decided to express his opinion , In addition to sharing her own story of life.

Why not was no one there to help you?

That's what makes me sad. I was watching the documentary";Avicii: True Stories"; last week and believe or not, during the last three minutes, I got this message (…;) Skin chicken & distrust.

During the 90's;s, I suffered some of the same problems suffered by Tim: stress, exhaustion, detection, insomnia. By months, perhaps years, It had ignored all signs and warnings in my body pain and stress. Due to my denial, my mind started to produce dark thoughts. My dream of becoming a DJ and famous producer, slowly became a nightmare.

At the end of 1996, during a frantic period of travel around the world, presentations and creativity in the Studio, my body surrendered in a club while he was mixing. As if something told me";If you do not intervene, then I will do it";. My subconscious was showing me amazing powers, and I annulled all the cenales of my primary brain.

In the hospital, the doctor told me that I should be given a time, but that was impossible. He had bookeado a whole year ahead. So I took 2 weeks to recover. For me, Esto was a departure very slow. A reboot. And because I tried to deeply change something in my life, the sincronizidad gave me many opportunities.

First of all, I started doing sports oposite, to raise my body and my mind to a much higher frequency. Thanks to my brother Marcus Roelofs, a brilliant boxing champion who was at that time.

And a couple of years later, I read an article about two managers taking 6 months of retirement in a monastery. I looked for a teacher, I found it and I learned to control my mind and my emotions, being more specific: I learned to tame the bull inside my, which would always running, unless it were arrested by its rider.

Now, 20 years after, meditation has become much of my life. Helped me to myself and others to stop for a moment, creating balance.

I was fortunate to not dwell on the club to the 27 Intents Festival 28 and very lucky to have people around me, such as my brother, my meditation teacher and my girlfriend. These people showed me, In addition to enjoying doing what more you like, the importance of connecting and listening to the basic functions. From time to time to spend time in the nature. Connect with your deeper side. Because if you don't do it, then nature returns to the call.

Best wishes for your family, friends and of course her fans .

We have lost a true musician, but his music always will we remember him as a legend!

Author Rodrigo Barría

Content Creator & Community Manager. Valparaiso, Chile.




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