Bangg announces his retirement from the scene hard in Chile-; Bassmusic® Bassmusic®

Bangg announces his retirement from the scene hard in Chile

After releasing a statement on his personal facebook, the artist icon and precursor of the hardstyle in our country and after more of 20 years of experience, It has decided to term to his career in the Chilean hard scene.

This will be the beginning of the end on my story on the Hard scene

Cristian Moreira, better known as Dj Bangg indicated that it will it withdraw from the scene after years of work on it since before the arrival of Q-Dance to our country. And is that the Chilean artist, He has been in versions as Love Parade, Gay parade and innumerable events in which he has participated playing hardstyle besides other styles given their turntable skills.

It was who brought along his Hard Nation community to Brennan Heart in the 2011 and at the end of that year, the arrival of Q-Dance in Chile with Mysteryland. Opportunity that is you yield to touch in that scenario becoming the first Chilean to be in a Q-Dance stage and who shared it with his group Aeonpit then.

:;My plan of withdrawal is underway, I will only focus on some goals that I need to meet and say bye to this beloved and hated scene Hard. PEro would like to be a little listen to those who were removed the crest and still continue to do so to establish some culture in this branch of electronics.";

Within its publication, It also emphasizes the commitment of the public and that if something don't like, say so long as it is with respect, In addition to make it clear that retirement is not now but it will be soon but that this, aims to achieve a goal before.

Now, as Bassmusic, We thank him for all the years of dedication in forming a hardstyle community, spread it and for being in big events that were key in turn to the development and expansion of the genre in our country.

:;My story will be here and my heart is slowly prepared for the inevitable but necessary.";

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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