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Phuture Noize and Sub Zero Project 2017 popular

Sub Zero Project and Phuture Noize were the artists who occupied positions in the top 100 ranking by Q-Dance.

Big controversy generated the place 1 by the track number Destiny Headhunterz. Many alluded that the issue was very basic, even for Headhunterz, while others proposed options that, in their view, were much better.

That is why we decided to analyze the full ranking to know what were ultimately the artists who, without having reached the first place, occupied a larger number of seats in the ranking of popularity and thus determine more fairly who were preferred by the public.

Phuture Noize, the most popular of all

After the leaving of Antoine Kraaij in 2015 Marco Spronk was able to fulfill the work alone and take the project Phuture Noize to the top. His latest album Pursuit Of Thunder, was billed by many as the best album of 2017 hardstyle and quality of its productions allowed him to even become the surprise act at the latest Qlimax.

8 posts of Q-Dance raking (only 2 of them are collabs) was the producer with the largest number of preferences this year, deservedly taking to put the most popular artist of hardstyle the current period.

These are the top rated songs of Phuture Noize.

05. B-Front & Phuture Noize – The Paradox
06. Phuture Noize – Fire
11. Ran-D & Phuture Noize – Suicidal Superstar
15. Phuture Noize – The Aftershock
27. Phuture Noize – The Temple
30. Phuture Noize – Strike you down
40. Phuture Noize – Chaos & Order
79. Phuture Noize – I got Noize

The best year of Sub Zero Project

With a total of 8 tracks on top, young Nigel Coppen and Thomas Velderman aka Sub Zero ProjectThey devoted themselves without appeal as the most popular duo. His most famous track The Project, which has the particularity to mix psytrance with rawstyle, it was one of the hottest songs in the year, and their reception was such that marked the precedent for a massive wave of experimentation and evolution in this genre, which almost no artist wanted stay down.

His renewed sound and unique kick, took them to be in endless scenarios around the globe and remained at the top of the chart throughout 2017.

Their positions were as follows:

08. Sub Zero Project – The Project
18. DJ Isaac – Burn (Sub Zero Project Remix)
35. Da Tweekaz x Sub Zero Project - DRKNSS
38. Sub Zero Project Ft. Meccah Dawn – Stand Strong (Q-BASE 2017 Hangar OST)
41. Sub Zero Project & GLDY LX – Basstrain
63. Sub Sonik & Sub Zero Project – Ready For This
87. Devin Wild & Sub Zero Project – Meltdown
98. Rob Mayth – Feel My Love (Sub Zero Project & Devin Wild Remix)

They also shone

In addition to these artists, other names also highlighted this 2017 and while none reached number # 1, several were close and anyway, they all took 6 positions.

An example was Ran-DWho until the last day it was one of the favorites for the first place with his track Zombie, which was number 2.

D-Block & S-te-Fan just released their successfull latest album Antidote, So it was expected to accomplish something important in this year's ranking. His best position was number 19 Angels & Demons.

Good year for the label End of the Line, Which he had its founder Warface and a D-Sturb as its greatest representatives, reaching # 13 Watch your back and 23 with LegacyRespectively.

Radical Redemption It was another album that launched this year, so several songs from his album The Road To Redemption They were included in the top, even to stay unexpectedly with number 7 with its theme America.

Finally the legendary Wildstylez also he highlighted in this period, taking the number 10 with Temple of LightBut also reaching number 4 with Luminosity as part of Project One.

Author Rodrigo Barría

Content Creator & Community Manager. Valparaíso, Chile.




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