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Headed to EOC Mx: A talk with Harsh Records

What would the life of a producer without a seal? The truth not what is, what I can say is that thanks to them many artists have have unveiled their work at a level much greater than than if did alone. The labels in addition to signing an artist, they are committed to creating a family that shares the same passion, the same musical line that they and supports growth of much of this as the one of their artists. In Latin America there are different labels that are focused to different scenes and audiences who are looking for other kinds of sounds.

Harsh Records It is not a label as it would be Scantraxx within hard dance music. This Mexican stamp focuses on disseminating new sounds and is aimed at an audience that like other styles within the hard dance. After having so much acceptance in Mexico as in United States, the support received from Carnage on different occasions and different presentations by United States, Harsh Records becomes the first label in Latin America to achieve its co-creator and artist, Junkie Kid, be submitted in EDC Las Vegas 2017 next to great international artists such as Angerfist, Brenann Heart, Coone (with whom it seems he is working on a collaboration), The Prophet, Noisecontrollers, among many others.

On the occasion of the fifth edition of Electric Daisy Carnival Mexico, I talked with Tirzo Carpizo who is co-creator of this Mexican label for me tell a little more about the history of Harsh and the plans for the future that have.


Before you start, Thank you for the interview and congratulations on the new projects that bring this year. Give me some context how did the idea of creating Harsh Records?

Thank you and again thank you for the space!! 

Harsh Records at the end of the 2016. He was returning to Mexico after working as director of videos in Panama and Dani";Starx:;, one of my best friends, called me to ask me if I was interested in doing the tour video, "I told him Yes, and together with Miguel";Junkie Kid”; We traveled together to McAllen, Texas from Monterrey; that's where I met Miguel and we became almost brothers. The tour started in McAllen, where we did the show and then there were problems with the dates of the tour, so Starx hosted us in their house and baptized it the ';Hard House'; because we were living Starx, Junkie, Whyel, BL3R And I. After a while, we were only Starx, Junkie and I, and that's where talked me to had the idea of making a label, because every Junkie to sent a demo to a record label always answered you the same...; This music is";So good but too hard:;, Hence was born the name of his radio show. Then gave account making lack a place for this kind of music, and the two I was invited to the project.

At the beginning, When I talked, was not very interested, honestly, I didn't know much about this type of music, However I started in music thanks to the dubstep and saw it being born and grow before that it was known worldwide; I remembered all the movement and what made me feel and now have the chance to create something big I liked and started me soak this new style of hard music and fell in love with the movement. It was here where the three started to get ideas on how to make it work and literally worked day and night for months in the study of Starx where we slept Junkie and I, investigating, making music and learning how to make a label. There was no one that told us how to do it because we were pioneering a label of hard music in Mexico, so we learned on our own and the 16 December of 2016 We did our first release, :;Hard Soundz"; Junkie Kid and was born Harsh Records.

We know that they are not a conventional label as it would be Scantraxx or Dirty Workz within hard dance music, "why do something different from what many people and even some producers already"?;were"; used with this type of labels?

As label and artists think that you to be featured in any area, you have to do things not only with excellent quality if not different and your way. Take inspiration from other labels and go take what I think better of each relies, but in the end each has their own way and there is a formula to follow. We just saw that a place for this type of music there was in particular (hard house) and we believed in the genre, So instead of waiting for someone else to recognize it and sign it, We decided to do it ourselves and it was born Harsh. Over time we have been adjusting and accommodating things as we go, always with mentality, improve day by day and keep that line create and propose new sounds.

A few days ago I read a guide to create a netlabel and steps to follow...; go that they were complicated. What were the obstacles that arose to create Harsh?

We have had different obstacles, but I think that the largest was at the beginning. Had no idea how create a label, or how to handle it, was rather overwhelming everything you had to learn at that time, but we were three friends with the idea of having his own label and we were having fun, so fortunately we overcame this challenge.

Something that I like a lot of Harsh is that sample packs and art that make each one of them. How would you define the visual identity of Harsh Records?

The idea of the sample packs was created to expand our sound, as something that defines Harsh is to create new sounds like hard house, hard psy, hardstep, etc. Part of the idea was to create these sample packs and with these same sounds send us demos, and we have signed several tracks as well. It is very satisfying to listen to music with our samples. in terms of the visual identity of Harsh, I am personally responsible for giving direction. That identity is always evolving but with the same idea and there is the Harsh world in my head and I see it as a dark musical world where you can go to have fun, listen to hard music and make friends who are like you. It is something that we eventually want to our shows like what happens when you go to a scenario of Wasteland. I tried to reflect the world in the image I made for Harsh Market. Many people asked about some images that are satanic or something as well and makes us laugh because it has nothing to do, We simply like to visually reflect the music in a dark way hard side. As well as Guillermo de el Toro are fans of the monsters.

Some labels have exclusive agreements with its artists, but something that has struck me is that you and the guys at K1 Recordz have been working together insomuch that Q Dance selected ';Our World'; for your vote on the Top do you think that this community between both seals could create a growth of the scene hard in our country and even of Latin America?
This label was created by artists then understand the needs that have. In Harsh we supported different artists and they know they have us home, However it is important to have releases where there is a different audience and you know more people, We understand that and therefore it is that we support our artists when they do releases on other labels. There is no such agreement with K1 Recordz but we are good friends and I think that each in its own way is trying to achieve a goal which is to consolidate and grow hard music in Mexico and all Latin America, which is very important, as Latin American labels we can and have a responsibility to support and promote Latin American talent.

They closed 2017 with a flourish of gold and this year come very big things for you like label, they will return to Mexico EDC with Junkie Kid, Finally they opened their store official merchandise online and they will be premiering radio show very soon. How do feel in this regard?
Yes, We are very pleased that last year was Calixto and this year Junkie Kid is back in EDC Mexico, that by the way it should be in your set, It has a number of new music that would not believe you it debuts live appearances with artists from Harsh surprises, so you can not miss it. And fills us with pride that is to represent Harsh Records together with ABS3NT, LUJAVO, KIKEONE and there in the line up of Wasteland, is a great artist who has an upcoming release with us and is part of the surprises that come in this year.

Merchandise shop, It is a project that we have been working since beginning the label and as well as we had to learn how to make a label, It was quite an experience to open the store. We are very proud to achieve it, to turn the page for you to see the clothing line, We put lots of love.

HarshMarket.com [Merch Available Now]

You ask for it so here it is…; The Harsh Market is open now! Link at the comments.

Posted by Harsh Records on Sunday, 7 January 2018

As regards Harsh Radio, It was created with the idea of having a place to show our next releases, our favorite music from Harsh and especially, to have a space to show music from new artists each month and we will have as a host to Starx who will personally select demos. We are working to be able to live the selection and that they can receive feedback from Starx. So send your tracks that we are excited to receive all that music, You can send them through our web page: harshrecords.com

To finish, what you believe it will make him missing to Mexico to grow and consolidate the scene?

I sincerely believe that does not lack anything in Mexico. You have artists, the record label, the festivals and the most important, people. We just need consistency and this scene as it has been happening every year, It will grow more and more.

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