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Mx towards EDC: A conversation with Harsh Records

What would the life of a producer without a stamp? The truth is, what I can say is no thanks to them many artists have been able to present their work to a much greater than if they were alone level. The labels in addition to signing an artist, are responsible for creating a family that shares the same passion, the same musical line that they and supports the growth of both this and that of their artists. In Latin America there are several labels that are focused on different scenes and audiences looking for other sounds.

Harsh Records It is not a label as it would be Scantraxx in the hard dance music. This Mexican label focuses on disseminating new sounds and is aimed at an audience that likes other styles in the hard dance. After having an acceptance both Mexico as in United StatesThe support received from Carnage on several occasions and various presentations by the United States, Harsh Records label becomes the first in Latin America to make its co-creator and artist, Junkie Kid, Is presented in EDC Las Vegas 2017 alongside major international artists such as Angerfist, Brenann Heart, Coone (with whom it seems he is working on a collaboration), The Prophet, Noisecontrollers, among many others.

On the occasion of the fifth edition of Electric Daisy Carnival MexicoI talked to Tirzo Carpizo who is co-creator of this Mexican label to tell me a little more of the history of Harsh and future plans they have.

Before you begin, thanks for the interview and congratulations for bringing new projects this year. Give me some context how the idea of ​​creating Harsh Records come about?

Thank you and again thank you for the space!Harsh Records born at the end of 2016. He came back to Mexico after working as a video director in Panama and Dani "Starx"One of my best friends called me to ask if I was interested in making the video of the tour, I said yes and with Miguel"Junkie Kid"We travel together to McAllen, Texas from Monterrey; That's where I met Miguel and we became almost like brothers. The tour began in McAllen where we did the show and then there were problems with the dates of the tour, so we Starx stayed at home and christened the 'Hard House' because we were living Starx, Junkie, Whyel, BL3R and me. After a while only stayed Starx, Junkie and I, and that's where I talked who had the idea of ​​making a label, because with every Junkie sending a demo to a record label always answered the same ... this music is “So good but too hard“, de ahí nace el nombre de su radio show. Entonces se dio cuenta que hacía falta un lugar para este tipo de música y los dos me invitaron al proyecto.

Al comienzo, cuando me platicaron, no estaba muy interesado, sinceramente no conocía mucho sobre este tipo de música, sin embargo yo inicié en la música gracias al dubstep y lo vi nacer y crecer desde antes que fuera mundialmente conocido; recordé todo el movimiento y lo que me hizo sentir y el tener ahora la oportunidad de crear algo así de grande me gustó y me empecé a empapar de este nuevo estilo de hard music y me enamoré del movimiento. Fue ahí donde los tres empezamos a sacar ideas de como hacerlo funcionar y literalmente trabajamos día y noche durante meses metidos en el estudio de Starx donde dormíamos Junkie y yo, investigando, haciendo música y aprendiendo como hacer un label. No había nadie que nos dijera como hacerlo pues estábamos siendo pioneros de un label de hard music en México, así que por nuestra cuenta aprendimos y el 16 de diciembre de 2016 hicimos nuestro primer release, “Hard Soundz” de Junkie Kid y fue como nació Harsh Records.

We know they are not a conventional label as it would Scantraxx or Dirty Workz in the hard dance music, why do something different than what many people and even some producers and "were" accustomed to this type of labels?

Como disquera y artistas creemos que para ser destacados en cualquier área, tienes que hacer las cosas no sólo con excelente calidad si no diferentes y a tu manera. Se vale tener inspiración de otros labels e ir tomando lo que te parece mejor de cada uno, pero a final de cuentas cada quien tiene su propio camino y no hay una fórmula a seguir. Simplemente vimos que no existía un lugar para este tipo de música en particular (hard house) y creíamos en el género, así que en lugar de esperar a que alguien más lo reconociera y quisiera firmarlo, decidimos hacerlo nosotros mismos y fue que nació Harsh. Con el tiempo hemos ido ajustando y acomodando cosas conforme avanzamos, siempre con mentalidad de mejorar día a día y mantener esa línea de crear y proponer sonidos nuevos.

A few days ago I read a guide to create a netlabel and steps ... go they were complicated. What were the obstacles they had to create Harsh?

We have had different obstacles, but I think the biggest was at the beginning. We had no idea how to create a label, or how to handle it was overwhelming everything we had to learn at that time, but we were three friends with the idea of ​​having their own label and we were having fun, so luckily we overcome that challenge.

Algo que me gusta mucho de Harsh es que hacen sample packs y el arte que le hacen a cada uno de ellos. ¿Cómo definirías la identidad visual de Harsh Records?

La idea de los sample packs nace para poder expandir nuestro sonido, pues algo que define a Harsh es crear sonidos nuevos como hard house, hard psy, hardstep, etc. Parte de la idea fue crear estos sample packs y que con estos mismos sonidos nos enviaran demos, y hemos firmado varios tracks así. Es muy satisfactorio escuchar música con nuestros samples.

 En cuanto a la identidad visual de Harsh, yo personalmente soy el encargado de darle dirección. Esa identidad siempre está evolucionando pero con una misma idea y es que en mi cabeza existe el mundo Harsh y lo veo como un mundo musical obscuro donde puedes ir a divertirte, escuchar hard music y hacer amigos que sean como tú. Es algo que eventualmente queremos llevar a nuestros shows como lo que pasa cuando vas a un escenario de Wasteland. I tried to reflect that world in the image I made for Harsh Market. Many people have asked about some images are whether satanic or something and we laugh because it has nothing to do, we just like to visually reflect the hard side of music in a dark way. Guillermo del Toro and we are fans of monsters.

Some labels have exclusive contracts with their artists, but something that has caught my attention is that you and the guys K1 Recordz have been working together to the extent that Q Dance selected 'Our World' for your vote Top Do you think this community between the two seals could create a hard scene growth in our country and even in Latin America?
This label was created by artists then we understand the needs they have. In Harsh we have supported different artists and know they have us home, however it is important to releases where a different audience there and get to know more people, we understand that and that is why we support our artists when they releases in other labels. There is no agreement as such with K1 Recordz but we are good friends and I think that each in its own way is trying to achieve a goal which is to consolidate and grow hard music in Mexico and all Latin AmericaWhich is very important, as Latin American labels we can and we have a responsibility to support and promote the Latin American talent.

They closed 2017 with a flourish and this year too big for you things like label will come, EDC will return to Mexico with Junkie Kid finally opened its online store official merchandise and radio show will be premiering soon. How do you feel about it?
Yes, we are very pleased that last year was Calixto and this year Junkie Kid is back in EDC Mexico, Which certainly have to be on your set, you have a lot of new music that would not believe and live debut appearances with artists Harsh surprises, so not to be missed. And we are proud you are to represent Harsh Records with ABS3NT, LUJAVO, KIKEONE and out there in the line up of Wasteland, is a great artist who has an upcoming release with us and is part of the surprises that come in this year.

Shop merchandise, is a project we have been working since beginning the label and just as we had to learn how to make a label, it was an experience to open the store. We are very proud to achieve this, Turn around on the page to see the clothes line, we put a lot of love. [Merch Available Now]

You ask for it so here it is… The Harsh Market is open now! Link at the comments.

Posted by Harsh Records on Sunday, 7 January 2018

As regards Harsh RadioIt was created with the idea of ​​having a place to show our upcoming releases, our favorite music Harsh and especially to have a space to show music of new artists every month and we will have as host Starx who personally will select the demos. We are working to make live selection and they can receive feedback Starx. So send your tracks excites us get all this music, you can send through our web page:

Finally, what do you think you need it to Mexico to grow and consolidate the scene?

I sincerely believe that nothing is missing to Mexico. It has artists, record labels, festivals and most importantly, people. We just need perseverance and this scene as has been happening year after year, going to grow more and more.

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