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Project One debuted two new tracks

To these heights already not is novelty that the return of Project One Qlimax was one of the most exciting moments for the harders, not only in the Gelredome sand, If not for all those who could follow the transmission officer Q-Dance and through the different live streaming on social networks.

Listen to your set was like the dawn of the hardstyle, When this legendary duo it broke with its disc namesake in each show where are presented. And each track edited for your show, reminded us of the mejoresmomentos of Wildstylez and Headhunterz.

However, not everything was old material, If not that also took his show to brand new two new tracks.

Stay with the project, move with the one.

It first it could listen many times as soundtrack of your vlog of youtube and certainly us sneak to all when we learned of that is is of a new work of Project One. And not is for nothing strange, Since not following the structure that you knew to the duo of anano, If not that combines the features of the new Headhunterz, together with the current style of Wildstylez.

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The Time Has Come Again

Without wanting to remove merits to the first track, the second theme is simply a masterpiece. Shows us that despite the years, the changes and the different ways that both producers might take musically, they are still always geniuses. And without the track in high quality, in the same way its melody is able to evoke the deep emotions that caused us the songs that made us fall in love of this genre.

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Is this the final return of Project One? What other surprises will be prepared for the future?

Author Rodrigo Barría

Content Creator & Community Manager. Valparaiso, Chile.




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