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Tim van de Stadt was born in the city of Overijssel in Holland, a November 5, 1992. At his young age, he has managed to become a prominent and versatile electronic music producer and mainly Hardstyle.

First years

He grew up in a music fan from very small family and showed remarkable abilities in this regard, excelling in piano at the young age of 4 years. His interest in the various branches of electronic music and skills in audio engineering were developed while growing up, finally adopting music as his way in life.

Although in his teens it was known in social networks as Dj Vapour, He made his first official productions along with his friend Bart Kuipers in the duo Bk & T-mothy mainly in the genre house.

At 17 he was contacted by prominent producer Joshua Dutrieux, better known as JDX, who invited him to work with him in Hollywood, California. These months were crucial to define his artistic future and their taste for faster beats.


At the end of 2008 known Canadian Kevin Keiser who achieved a great affinity and start working together on the Hardstyle. first as Paranoia next to Bart and shortly after in the musical trio Atmozfears with the also Dutch Michael Jessen.

Atmozfears before TimMichael and Kevin as Atmozfears before the arrival of Tim

The Return was the name of the delivery that the duo had so far, so the first release of Tim participated really was Supernatural/short-range You in 2009.

After some releases in JDX Music, presentations Defqon.1 2009 y 2010 and an incredible production quality, the seal Scantraxx Records set them and joined them at the beginning of the 2012. But soon after Michael leaves the trio, leaving Kevin and Tim in charge of the first EP on this label: Rip The Jacker / World Of Presets.

After a year of hard work managed to position itself in the eyes of the scene to launch more than 10 tracks, including a collaboration with Wildstylez entitled What it’s like.

In 2013, Atmozfears was already recognized as a leader in the Hardstyle Ecstatic, bringing their beautiful melodies prominent festivals such as Q-Base, Defqon.1, Q-Dance stage in Tomorrowland and X-Qlusive Wildstylez.

Tim y KevinAtmozfears in 2012

In addition to several other singles, released by Audiotricz the remix of the theme Sparks (Turn Off Your Mind) Nicky Romero with Fedde Legrand and ending the year released the EP Atmozfears E.P. One, his last delivery before Kevin leaves the project to continue his career individually.

Project in Solitaire

This new stage as soloist Tim allowed greater freedom and dynamism in production. So it was not strange to see dabbling in gender Rawstyle much more powerful subjects like remix Bounce and Break at Bass Modulators and its lanzamiento Singularity/Madman/Never Again, with shares of Sub Zero Project and Energyzed.

However he did not neglect its main aspect, the euphoric hardstyle performing outstanding collaborations with Da Tweekaz, Audiotricz, Devin Wild and a producer himself considered the inspiration: Code Black, who launched the topics Starting Over and AccelerateThe anthem of XXlerator 2014. In addition, the same year launched four new EPs: Atmozfears E.P. Two, She Goes y Rapture, the latter in the seal Emsisoft Records.

In his short 23 years he had become a leading exponent of the genre, with works that are constantly repeated in the annual rankings and presentations that were already common in the largest festivals in the world, so in 2015 he was elected to produce Anthem of Qlimax: Equilibrium (Event which was presented for the second time) and the OST of Decibel: Gold Skies.

Moreover, its theme Release reached number #3 in the ranking Top100 q - dance to today's date and the same year reached the position #8 on site Hardstyle2000, Which includes the 2000 most popular tracks of all time. This theme even has a version Chillout (View topic).

2016 launched its first mini album, which it contains 8 songs created with producer Energyzed and singer David Spekter and includes the track Keep me Awake, whose music video was produced during your visit to Chile in the first version of the festival Defqon.1 and displays images of the show, Santiago and Valparaiso.

This work has the characteristic to represent everything that Tim is today with Atmozfears and give a valuable lesson to gender in general. As it shows that the hardstyle should not be ridiculously divided in two, But it should be considered as a whole, in which talented producers can let their creativity whether it will be a beautiful melody a powerful kick of crude.

An evangelizer of the hardstyle

In recent times we have seen Tim work with artists from other genres that have been interested in Hardstyle. And one of the clearest examples is the friendship he has with the Nicaraguan producer Trap Carnage, With whom he has shared for several years performing even a collaboration. Notably Fat Daddy usually includes extracts sets of Atmozfears during performances.

Another producer who takes an excellent relationship of cooperation and mutual learning, is twice the number # 1 in the world HardwellWho has also been declared hardstyle lover.

However so far is has no official no hardstyle issue and there have only been a couple of remixes and speculation about an item entitled Wake Up CallThat finally it turned out to be an individual work Hardwell.

Atmozfears and HardwellTim and Robbert in study

Other projects

In addition to his main career, Tim leads in parallel some projects that can express his talent outside the hardstyle.


More than an alias, TVDS (initials TIM Van Dand Stadt) is a space used as an alternative way to produce other types of electronic, which varied from House hasta Dubstep. Several productions with this pseudonym have been officially released on the label Monstercat.

Seth Hills (ATMO)

Project created with his friend Sergio van den Heuvel. In the beginning he was named ATMO, but for copyright reasons had to be changed to Seth Hills. So far they have two official releases, Remix Run Wild at hardwell on September EP Raise your hands/Get M, both the stamp Revealed Recordings.

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