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Alex Riddell, better known as Sickddellz, is a DJ and Chilean / British producer Euphoric Hardstyle.

In his short career he has performed in several renowned festivals and is one of the most renowned national artists in the world Hard Dance.

Its history

Alex was born in 1983 in the town of Manchester, England. At the age of 18 he began his interest in electronic music and later at an early hardstyle scene that was beginning to become widespread by geniuses like Headhunterz, Noisecontrollers and Wildstylez.

In 2012 he began to dabble in the world of music production and was in the first version of the event "The Sound of Q-Dance"Who with his brother Thomas who at that time was spent producing TRAP, decided to form a duo of Hardstyle I would take as name Sickddellz. Under that name, they released their first official track called "The Lensman"Which mixed melodies and hardstyle kicks of with a classic reverse bass.

As improved their level of production, the duo was gradually presenting their work in increasingly large local festivals, which led them to be part of the event "Wildstylez, Atmozfears y Villain"Held at the Movistar Arena in May 2015.

Sickdellz - OnanofSickddellz en Wildstylez, Atmozfears y Villain Live

However, what definitely become djs / producers revelation of 2015 in Chile, would be his participation in the Purple Stage Defqon.1 NetherlandsThe icon of the festival harder styles.

The following months were also quite successful, with launches in Chile label "X-Bass Records"In addition to high-level collaborations such as with the domestic producer also StormerzEntitled "Wanderlust”.

However, a bittersweet arrive in October for fans of the duo as part conducted by the surprise announcement that for personal reasons, Thomas leave Sickddellz, leaving Alex as the sole representative of the project (See note). The positive thing was that his departure would be a big, making his last appearance at the Blue stage of the first version of the Festival was not enought in December 2015.

Sickddellz - Defqon.1 Chile

A benchmark Latin American

In late 2015 it became the first Chilean to be invited to attend the monthly radio show emerging producers "Q-dance presents: NEXT"In which he presented a set with many tracks of Latin American talent which we can mention Chileans Terror WeaponThe Chilean-Spanish Transeuterz and one that is already triumphing quite some time, Argentina Noiseshock.

After that, he decided to start his own podcast with the intention to show the world the great potential that exists in South America, titling it "Viva Hardstyle". This, too caught the attention of producer Q-Dance, so much so that in February 2016 he was offered a place on their official radio, accepting instantly.

Today, we can hear their work which is transmitted on the last Sunday of each month (See ad), Becoming the first South American to have a permanent space in this prestigious radio, which also present their shows known artists as Luna, Endymion, Kutski and Stephanie.

Viva HardstyleSickddellz - Viva Hardstyle Podcast

In 2016 continues to represent our country in various stages world-class, beginning with its presentation in April to X-Qlusive Wildstylez & Villain Chile and also in Tomorrowland Brazil the same weekend with Audiotricz, Ran-D, Code Black, Max Enforcer and Wildstylez.

In June of the same year along with Noiseshock, Miss Offender and Danidemente, Will be part of the American armada heading for the festival world famous Hard Dance, Defqon.1 Netherlands which it will be presented for the first time in the UV Stage. The next month will be part of a luxury line up Craft Festival, The producer Lose Your Mind, also in the Netherlands.

Hold Me Close

In March 2016, Sickddellz surprised everyone with a big announcement where we indicated that his track "Hold me close" would be released on the label Wildstylez "Lose Control Music", becoming the first Chilean producer in achieving success in this category and reaching number 12 in sales through the prestigious site

The future of Sickddellz

If anything we have clear is that we Sickddellz for much longer and that their goals both in the short and medium term given to dream.

In addition to its involvement brings great summer festivals in the old continent, it has already announced future collaborations with European producers, in addition to the official remix of Trance legend as Paul Oakenfold and he is moving to Holland in May as part of his musical evolution.

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Author Rodrigo Barría

Content Creator & Community Manager. Valparaíso, Chile.

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