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Interview with Activator

Several weeks ago and virtually when the album had two of his four published parts, We asked Manuel Tessarollo (better known as Activator) If he would agree to have an interview with us and delighted he accepted.

In the interview, We talked about his career, his life, "of the Qult stage and of course his album";Veteran of Style";. We hope that you enjoy it and share that is very good!


Hello Manuel, Thank you for this interview with us from Chile. We are very interest to talk with you about your lastest projects that we are looking forward..

We are very happy because the four preview parts of the album are already uploaded and now we have a better perception about the album. .

On the album";Veteran of Style";

1- How was the name Veteran of Style born?

Un día encontré una polera vieja Diesel en mi closet que decía algo como ’;78 Veteran of Style so I thought, :;Ese soy yo”; (I was born in 1978 and I started to produce hardstyle since the early days of the genre).

2- What inspired you to make this album?

My personal path into the hardstyle sound since 2001 untill nowadays. I'm glad that I changed and experienced the genre in all its form.

3- What is the main difference about your tracks and the tracks from others producers?

My music never sounds obvious and the formula elements of each track change quite often. It's unpredicatable and out of the box.

4- You are one of the few djs/producers that explore with different styles of music and we think that is the reason to include four categories like Euphoric, Raw, Early & Nu-style. What is your favorite of this four?


5- Who designed the art cover? What was the inspiration for this?

It has been designed by Nero Argento and the inspiration comes again from a Diesel t-shirt..

6- When you are in your studio creating a new track, Where does inspiration come from?

Never start to produce a track without a specific idea in mind. Inspirations comes from different things, a melody, a vocal sample or single sound for example.

7- If you can choose another musical genre ti produce. Which would be?

I already produced many musical genres in my life, from piano composition to hip hop to every kind of dance music. It's hard to pick up one, I need to produce music just to feed the animal that lives inside me.

8-After work in SOLO for this album, with who would you like to make a collab? why?

If you look back in my carrer I never collaborated so much with other producers. The reason is because my style has always been low profile and never make music sound or trying to copy another formula. Basically I always take care of the melody and vocals leaving the rest to the other collegue.

9- What is your favorite song of you made? And What is your favorite hardstyle song from all the times?

Mmm…;I don't know but I can list here a few melodicous tracks I made that still gives me goosebumps: Icon, June, Authentic Style, Atoll, Winter song, Sparta, Chaos.



10- We know that you have one profile to play Hardstyle and another one to play Subground. Which one do you feel more confortable?

I enjoy playing both styles because the public is always very different in both cases.

11- What was the first big festival where you play?

Defqon.1 2003 Holland.

12- You visited our country in 2011, 2013 and 2014. Do you think that Chile is ready for more Subground?

Of cource, I would love to see a scene rising over there!.

13- Everyone has a dream. Which one is yours?

Making music untill the end of my days.

14- You are one of the artists with more experiencia in stages. You can also produce Hardstyle euphoric, Raw, Early, Nu-Style and also you are the creator of the Subground. Do you think is time for your own X-Qlusive Activator?

It's not happened in the past decade when I was more popular and it will never happen in the future, mainly because I've never been supported that much by who really rule the game in this scene, but if I'll ever had that chance I would play 6-7 hours alone or a few b2b with those who really worked closely with me during the years.

Beside that I don't think my name is that strong and commercial to sold out an event of that proportion.

15- Do you have some funny story that you have to live on stage? Tells Us.

Conoces a esa legenda acerca del dj donde una chica estaba de rodillas bajo la cabina del dj…;(u know what I mean right?) Well, I can tell that's true 😉

16- We would like to know what was the most important event in your carreer and that make an before and after in your life as dj/producer.

my begin, when Activator was not even born and I was a resident dj in a club in Italy from 1997 up to 2000. I used to play 5 to 6 hours long all alone, starting the night at 110 bpm and finishing hardcore. Those years will always remain in my memories more than every huge events I've experienced as Activator or ACTI. That time truly formed me as a dj and not a selector like many popular names nowadays.


Activa Records

17- Your are the boss in your own label called Activa Records since 1997, That is so much time! Congratulations about that!. Tells Us, How the label born and how do you keep it alive this project. We believe it takes so much time and dedication.

Activa records is part of Edinet publishing group. I'm not the big boss, I select the music that has to be release on it since 2003. The label was already producing hardstyle before I started collaborating with it. I called myself Activator when I had to release the first record, untill that time I had many other nicknames in different labels.

Once a week I take an hour of break and I listen to all demos. if the track is good I reply to the producer. It doesn't take so much time, but the boring part (Contracts, etc) is longer, but that is not my role.

18- We saw that you have a mail ( where producers can send you tracks for your label.

What is essencial in a track to be approved? Do you receive only hardstyle tracks or also from others genres?

Back in the days I used to help many young producers finishing a good demo, fixing parts or re-playing parts. Now I don't have time anymore so the track has to be already done (arrangement and master).


19- You are from a country very famous for Pizzas & Pasta. Which is your favorite food?

Pizza, I could eat it everyday but I only do it once a week.

20- When we meet you, we can see that you are a very kind person, but we think that you have something that make you angry (all we do). What do you hate or makes you angry?

When for some reason Logic (my music program) suddently quit without giving me the chance to save my progress. In those moments you don't wanna be next to me!



21- These days Rawstyle is very popular and each time it's comming more powerful in sounds and so muck kick & bass. It's brutal and sometimes boring but in the part #3 you surprise us because you use some different sounds and that makes it unique. What do you think about Rawstyle it's coming to be similar as hardcore?

Rawstyle is very popular in Holland, just like hardcore. Let me tell you that the majority of the productions of Rawstyle sound very cheap but is why, There are many new names which can work producing that music. This kind of music is actually dominating the scene but in a couple of years something new will rise again and will replace rawstyle.

Let's only try to get the best out of it!

22- A few days ago we read a post in your facebook page as Acti about Qult. Is it the end of this concept? There is no more Qult stage? Tell us what happen.

I think so, Q-dance is behind Qult and the brand didn't generate so much profit in 3 years of existence.

23- If we say";Chile"; What is the first thing you think?

My first gig in South America.

24- Tell to your fans when will be the official release of the #VOS (Veteran of Style) album and where they can buy it. Feel free to tell what do you want.

Well, featured 4 parts has been already released in digital stores but I just decided in these days to make a part 5 which will be more freestyle or I better say my personal view of hardstyle. It will be released before Christmas. If there will be enough request I will release the full album on cd.

We are very thankfull about you Manuel for your patience and dedication to answer our questions. We wish you the best in your carreer and with Veteran of Style off course. For the moment, we will be supporting you and waiting for your next show here in our country or where the people can catch you.


Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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